The WordPress Plugin that DOUBLED My Conversions

November 13, 2013 - Get free updates of new posts here

If you haven’t visited the homepage of in a while, take a look. A clean, minimalist landing page, and a picture of my sexy Jewish fro.

The WordPress plugin behind the look has DOUBLED the sign-ups/conversions for the Okdork blog. Now for every 100 visitors to Okdork 14 sign up for my email list. It automagically creates a Welcome page template that you can setup in a few minutes.

Groupon, LivingSocial, AppSumo, Quora…what do these super-successful companies have in common?? A BIG EMAIL LIST.

Much of their traffic is directly from sending out emails.

All of them have budgets and teams focused exclusively on getting new email subscribers. So are emails important you ask? Frick YEA. Quite possibly the most important asset they have.

Noah WordPress Plugin

If you have a WordPress site and an email list, try it out. It’s available to download and use today*.

Andrew Chen invented it and Donnie Cooper created the plugin for your email collecting pleasure. There’s a 3 minute guide below to help you install and set it up on your own.

It’s free for the next couple of weeks. Try it out, tell your friends, and then let me know what kind of results you get.

Download It Here*.

*A new version is now available. It’s easier to install and works with more WP themes per Okdork readers’ feedback.

Here is the 12-step EMAIL-aholics anonymous ways to setup the plugin. (Be sure to pay attention to the final step.)

  1. Upload this plugin folder `twitter-welcome-page-template` to your `/wp-content/plugins/` directory and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  2. Name the page with your twitter handle… then type in your content, add your mailchimp snippet, use < blockquote > for quotes, etc.
  3. On the page you want to be your welcome page, select “Twitter Welcome Page Template” in the template drop down menu.
  4. Click “screen options” and check the “custom fields” box.
  5. In a custom field, type “twitter_pic” in the name field then in the value field paste the url of your twitter image (or any image).
  6. In another custom field, type “page_title” in the name field and then a 70 character title in the value field for Google.
  7. In another custom field, type “page_description” in the name field and then a 155 character description of the page in the value field for Google.
  8. Go to “Appearance” then “Widgets”.
  9. Drag “Custom Menu” to “menu-twitter-welcome-page” and select a menu that will show at the top of your welcome page. (you may need to create a menu first).
  10. Drag “Text” to “analytics-twitter-welcome-page” and paste in your google analytics snippet.
  11. Drag “Text” to “footer-twitter-welcome-page” and paste anything you want to show at the bottom of your welcome page.
  12. Tweet a thanks to @andrewchen, @inboundable


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68 responses to “The WordPress Plugin that DOUBLED My Conversions

  1. Ryan Reply

    Activated the plugin and received this error message:

    Warning: copy(/home/content/06/5549106/html/ [function.copy]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/06/5549106/html/ on line 33

  2. Simon Reply

    It would be interesting to know if the number of visitors who leave/bounce before clicking “Go here” got higher considering the short attention span of people.

  3. Momekh Reply

    @Ryan: Can’t help but notice, but Ryan, I think you have uploaded the file into the Themes folder instead of the Plugins folder.

    You need to upload plugins to your Plugins folder in WordPress. The plugins folder is located in the wp-content folder. Hope this helped.

  4. donnie cooper Reply

    @Maarten the plugin creates a template file that you can then choose from in the template drop down section when editing a page.

    @ryan your file permissions need to be changed for your theme files. at least temporarily to let the plugin create a theme file. send me an email if you want my help donnie at inboundable.

    @brian as long as you put links at the top to your major site sections (home/blog/about/etc) you shouldn’t see much of a change if any. basically you’d make what you’re using as a homepage right now into the blog.

  5. Lilia Reply

    I don’t see info in the post on where the email addresses get stored, did I miss it? Ideally, blog owners would have a module that integrates with whatever email provider they are already using. Otherwise, manual work of merging lists or handling separate lists takes away from the immediate benefit of quick setup.

    This seems best for someone with no existing email list setup – gotta start collecting those emails and worry about list management later.

  6. donnie cooper Reply

    @Lilia yea this plugin is definitely not integrated with an email service… it’s just a layout with the ability to paste your subscribe button in (generated from whichever service you use).

  7. Joona Reply

    @Brian and anyone else who might be worried about the SEO impact… You can easily leave that page out of Googles index by adding a noindex-tag to your section ( Most WP SEO plugins can do that easily.

    And if you don’t have any WP SEO plugin and would want one, go for Yoasts WordPress SEO-plugin.

  8. Kim Reply

    Hi Noah / Donnie

    I have the same problem Ryan (November 14th, 2013 6:28).
    I want to know what files to change for access. Do they need to be 777 or 755 or something else?

  9. Kim Stacks Reply

    Hi Donnie,

    I am using the Cleanr theme.

    3 questions:

    1) How do I set the url to show the twitter welcome page?

    2) How do I set the url to show the usual list of posts?

    Right now, shows the usual list of posts aka the index.php

    3) Right now all my posts are using the widget menu-twitter-welcome-page as my sidebar. My original sidebar cannot be used. How do I maintain my own sidebar for everything else?

  10. donnie cooper Reply

    @kim the page layout isn’t setup to have a sidebar, but i could change it to give that option. drop me an email please.

    for everyone who wants to set their homepage and blog page…..

    1) create a page called home and select “twitter welcome page” as the template
    2) create a page called “blog”
    3) go to settings > reading and set these options for “front page” and “posts page”

  11. Tim Reply

    Allow page css to be honoured. Mine is getting lost.
    Use JS to get it to appear like your interrupt plugin? (This allows user to skip it, a) admin configurable period of time, or b) allow forever skip

    (I’d pay for it with those features).

  12. donnie cooper Reply

    @tim allowing for custom css would be easy with the addition of another widget or even using a custom field value… but i got your email with many other dev requests.. so unless others want this simple feature, i think you should hire a developer to custom build the page you are really looking for.

  13. Anthony Reply

    Noah, this is awesome! I already revamped my homepage and I love the minimalism.

    One thing I noticed, however, was that I lose my favicon for the homepage. Yet all other pages still have it. Any suggestions?


  14. donnie cooper Reply

    @Anthony try adding the following line of code above your analytics script in the analytics widget created by the plugin….

    if this does not work, email me and i’ll help.

    ps. add your main menu at the top of your homepage using the menu widget created by the plugin. this will help keep your rankings from dying 🙂

  15. Anthony Reply

    @Donnie Whoops, I don’t see that line of code in your comment. Could you send it again?

    Thanks for the tip about the main menu! For some reason, my theme only allows one menu, ha.

  16. Michael Reply

    Hello Noah, I like your new design of the home page.

    Looks similar to the site of your friend/mentor Andrew Chen.

    Do you think it has an negative effect on your SEO? Or isn’t it important to you?


    PS: An off-topic question . . . What do you think about cold calling?

  17. Stelios Reply

    Hi Noah…can you let us know the differences between this and “interrupt”.
    Which generates more leads…is this for example meant for blogs and interrupt meant for products or something ?

    Also why twitter is mentioned that much in this plugin…i really can’t get why ? At first i thought that it will be a welcome page for users that are coming to your site via twitter or something(that might be a nice feature by the way) but it seems that this is not the case…so why it is called twitter welcome page or why you use your twitter name and avatar?

    Stelios fanatic 🙂

  18. Alfred Lua Reply

    Hi Donnie, I’ll followed all the steps until step 9. When I go to Appearance > Widgets, I do not see “menu-twitter-welcome-page” or “analytics-twitter-welcome-page” or “footer-twitter-welcome-page”. Please help. Thanks!

  19. TJ Reply

    I followed the instructions exactly. When I go to my website, however, it just shows the homepage it was already showing before I installed the plugin. Any idea why this is? I’m using Dynamik with Genesis.

  20. Tim Reply

    You’re homepage is so pretty and simple. You took the fold and made it half the page. I’m still slightly mystified by opt-ins but I’m starting to get it.

  21. James A Reply

    Newbie wordpress question, but my blog is on Do I need to go ahead and move to to start using these plug-ins?

  22. Sofie Reply

    I’m sorry but I’m not even closely getting it to look like Noah’s Welcome page… Can you help?

    I swear I followed all the instructions, but this is what I get:

    Could this have to do with the fact that I’m testing it in a temp environment in WP?

    As you can see, it doesn’t appear as a welcome page, but as just another regular page.

    Also, I am missing the instructions to add an opt-in. I thought this was the whole purpose of this page? Why are we linking it to Twitter instead of Mailchimp or something?

    Thank you,

    1. Tim Reply

      I agree, some basic themes would be useful (yes, I know this is free).

      I don’t want to spend hours doing the css/html when I should be marketing.

  23. donnie cooper Reply

    hey all, apologies for any trouble you’re having with the plugin.

    basically, the plugin just creates a landing page design for you to use on a given page- and gives you a spot to paste in your code from mailchimp/ whatever (which you can check their help section to find- they make it easy).

    since i don’t have the time right now to support the plugin, make it work with every wordpress framework (thesis, etc), and keep it updated with new wordpress updates… i’m searching for someone else to take it over.

    if you’d like a more robust plugin like this with features/ options to make everything more automatic and offer more layout themes… paypal me $25 ( and if i get several people, i’ll build it asap.

    ps. there’s tons of other free design themes you could use if you need something immediately (i like personally).

    1. Tim Reply

      No need to apologise, it’s a free theme!
      I’d send you 25 right now,but, what if you don’t get any takers. Refund?

      What input into themes do we get? I think something like Noah’s is a good start but with custom colours background and possibly an image (I have a mad photo of the Col du Soulor in France I am dying to use).

      It’d have to override current theme button styles etc.

      I am using Thesis 2 and Social Triggers (but will be moving to Marketers Delight 3 soon).

      1. donnie cooper Reply

        of course on a refund. themes, i’m not sure. i’d have to ask everyone and probably supply 3 layouts with a color picker to choose your favorite flavor. you probably won’t get 100% of what you want, no one will. but it’ll be 80% of what you want.

        1. Tim Reply

          Ok, as long as we can add a sweet image like on Noahs (but with a picture of a much sexier visage – lol) and colour picker, I reckon that’s great.

          But, I still think it needs to have the same button/input field styling as his. Thesis 2 standard input fields might be ok for me, but other folks’ themes might be a bit wacky funster when rendered on that page. E.g. tiny input fields and buttons would look wack, yo.

  24. Andre L. Vaughn Reply

    I just signed up on your list a day or two ago and received one of your broadcast emails with 10 or 12 of your best posts & this was one of them. The content on your blog is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME & HELPFUL!!! Thanks so much!