Consistency is boring.

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In my 20’s, I did not live in one place more than 1 year. I lived on couches for a year and did not rent my first apartment until I was 30.

Yes, I did live in my Aunt’s basement for a year and my Mom’s house for a year post-college. Thanks Mom and Rhonda!

You could say I liked changing things up and experiencing new things all the time.

As I recently turned 34 (that’s ancient in internet age), it dawned on me that I’ve lived in the same place for the past 5 years.

Heck, I’m writing this from the same table.


Novelty sparks some magical thing in our brain but it eventually fades. We go back to our baseline. They even have a term for it called the hedonistic treadmill!

Screenshot 2016-04-18 17.42.23

One night I looked at all the Fortune 500 companies and it really dawned on me that NO major creation happens in a short period of time. To truly accomplish major things, it takes a long time and consistency is the answer to make that a reality.

“Consistency…Don’t get bored with it.” [click to tweet]

Russell Wilson on Twitter


Mike Tyson – Undisputed Truth – We’ve all watched a vid or read a bit about Mike Tyson but hearing the behind the scenes was insane. What does it take to be the best in the world and what happens when you get there? That’s his story.


Meru – Cool documentary about climbers tackling a mountain that’s never been done before.

Bad ass clothing:

I wear Myles Apparel shorts almost every single day. The guys over there hooked us up with some free shorts. Leave a comment with where you want to go in the world and we’ll pick a few people to get some amazing shorts!

Noah “tacos” Kagan

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207 responses to “Consistency is boring.

  1. Bar Reply

    Korea – used to live there and you can never get too bored in East Asia. The unexpectedness of daily life is crazy and always keep you on the treadmill!

  2. Juraj Reply

    Very true, hard to stay consistent, but so important in any quest. Anyway, I want to take my buddies go mountain biking in Swiss Alps.

  3. Gregory Reply

    Interesting perspective! Was almost expecting an announcement that you’re moving 🙂 maybe in one way you’re moving faster than you could have than if your focus was moving things elsewhere. Keep it up Noah!

  4. Tim Letscher Reply

    Amen, Noah – Meru (and Valley Uprising) got my kids and me back on the wall for some climbing plus a slack line is now always inviting us into our backyard. BTW, I’d take those shorts on a return trip to the western shores of Costa Rica for round 2 of surf camp.
    Keep on keeping on…

  5. Sean Reply

    In no particular order, I want to go to every location that James Bond has been in the history of the film franchise.
    Jamaica, Cuba, Turkey, Iceland, Scotland…several hundred locations in total, but mostly consolidated to a few of the same regions. The idea would be to pick a region and really take some time exploring it.

    1. nichole Reply

      That’s a cool idea of inspiration of where to travel. I’ve been to Siena, Italy where the start of one of the Bond films included the horse race there.

  6. Peter Reply

    Great post!! Mostly for the free shorts… No actually consistency means a lot and goes along with resilience and just sticking with it!

    Where I want to go most right now is just exploring here in the great state of Colorado. We have so many mountain peaks and I have been on so few!!!

  7. Mike Brcic Reply

    Well, I just crossed off a major bucket list item by biking the Arctic Circle trail in Greenland, but the polar travel bug is in me now and the next big trip I want to do is biking across Antarctica!

  8. Trevor Page Reply

    A well timed message for me here Noah. I need to stay consistent and keep on going!

    PS. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland so I could play a round of golf at the St. Andrews (Old Course)

  9. Sean McLellan Reply

    Thanks for reminding me of the hedonic treadmill — that’s great to be aware of. Also, thanks for the recommendation for Pistol Lake. Ordered three shirts, yesterday! I’ll have to check out these shorts, too. Three friends and I just visited the Azores islands for a week. Absolutely beautiful. Camped right next to a 50 ft. waterfall one night. now we’re looking for the next place to go. Tossed out the idea of Machu Picchu and Cuba. New Zealand is definitely on this must-visit list as well!

  10. Zeek Fit Freak Reply

    Yes sir! Consistency even when you don’t feel like it!

    Antartica, strangely is calling me. I think it’s because so few have traveled there and the peace and quiet would be on a whole new level.

    Lift Life!

  11. Nisha Reply

    I want to take a trip to South of France! Would love to just rent a car in the summer and drive along the French Riviera, drink lots of wine, and see beautiful towns 🙂

  12. Ravi Reply

    I’d like to go to the Cali-Mexico border with a tent and backpack full of soft tacos, and hike the Pacific Crest Trail to Canada. Those shorts would be a big help for my quest!

  13. Brian Whyte Reply

    I moved around after college teaching environmental education to kids and adults on the many trails of the western states. It was much more educational for me than any of my students. Now looking back I’ve been renting the same house for almost 8 years running a landscape design and build co. And hasn’t been boring one bit.

  14. Zach Reply

    Brazil would be incredible and not just because of the beaches. A diversity of experiences is key to a well crafted approach to consistency.

  15. Dawn Reply

    I would love to travel to two places…India and South Africa….for the rainbow of color of course, the weather, and the ability to wear cool shorts (smiles) Loved this today Noah…you reminded me of my wander years..which I miss terribly.

  16. Patrick Reply

    I just left my favorite pair of workout/exploration/eating shorts on a balcony in Florida… a long way from Wisconsin… So Id like to try out some new shorts for the afterparties of the 5 weddings I get to attend (stag) this summer! I might even pack my running shoes. How’s that for consistency.

  17. Gert Reply

    Greek Islands. How rad would it be to do my SEO work on one of those Islands while chowing a souvlaki in a pair of those shorts! 😀

  18. Patrick D Reply

    “Your schedule is your lifeline.” That lesson in daily consistency – down to starting and stopping at the same time every day- was a game changer learned from a college job selling door to door. Takes the emotion out of getting started and creates momentum. I’d love to travel to Seattle meet my old door to door sidekick who just started a hot air balloon company. *insert fire Myles product shot

  19. Blake Reply


    It’s an amazing opportunity to see the country and a historic time. I’ve always wanted to go, watching the travel restrictions change has been thrilling.

  20. Evin Schwartz Reply

    The top trip on my bucket list is Kruger National Park in South Africa. I’ve been fascinated with wildlife experiences my entire life and would love nothing more than to spend a few weeks engulfed in a safari. Those shorts would look great in a shot with the Big 5!

  21. mike Reply

    I’d like to go to Australia. Apparently its the same size as the continental U.S. but only has the population of California. Whoa baby, these shorts would be great for ‘Walkabout’

  22. Peter Metzger Reply

    Physically, I’d love to go to Mazatlan, Mexico – my brother and his family have lived there for 4 years working with Back2Back but we can’t afford the trip to visit them 😮 Idiomatically, “where I want to go in the world” is for my wife and I to go full-time with our music education business, teaching piano, violin, guitar, bass, and general music for homeschool groups and montessori schools.

  23. Cindy Stratton Reply

    I’d like to take my husband back to Gaeta, Italy where he was stationed while in the Navy in the late 60’s. He hasn’t been back there (or even on a plane) since. I looked it up in the English to Italian dictionary and the word for “tacos” is “tacos.” We’re in!

  24. Joe Reply

    I’ve always dreamed of going to Australia. The idea of being able to hang out with kangaroos and koalas rocking some amazing shorts sounds like a dream come true 🙂

  25. Jasky Singh Reply

    These shorts were made for me! Damn I wear these kinds of shorts everyday and never heard of this brand. Thanks mate.

    P.S. I’d love to visit Argentina just for the Malbec 🙂

  26. Flavio Reply

    The shorts would be awesome for hiking in the incatrail in Machu Picchu (Perú).
    Hopefully I’ll get a pair of these!

  27. Jakki dodds Reply

    I would love to visit Hawaii and Spain. Maybe buy my own Spanish village as I’ve read that can be done for less than buying a small house in many areas here in Australia!

  28. Ryan Reply

    I’d like to take a month off and hike the trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. I grew up there, but never took advantage of the opportunity.

  29. Brendan Reply

    Timbuktu! I’m a passionate globe-trotter and love experiencing new places & culture… But I primarily want to go to Timbuktu just so I can throw around ‘Timbuktu jokes’ followed by a quick – “but yeah, I’ve actually been there”. How many times have I said Timbuktu in this comment? Have I hit my yearly allotment yet? Timbuktu.

  30. Susan Bartley Reply

    My travels this year will take me to Orlando to compete in my first National Powerlifting Meet (1000 lb. total here I come), New Orleans to perform a wedding for two of my very good friends, to Fort Worth, Texas to sell our products to College Strength Coaches and if we are lucky, maybe, just maybe we will take a trip to Yellowstone. We have a lot to do and many places to see

  31. Clark Reply

    Perth, Australia. I can’t get any further away from where I live before I start coming back! 🙂 Truman Show reference.

  32. Adam Reply

    After practicing the Wim Hof Method for the past 9 weeks, I’d love to hike up a mountain with Wim in nothing but boots and Myles shorts. He’s done this with groups many times!

  33. Jay Reply

    Hiking the Grand Canyon, then I want to do some skydiving with a view of it. I want to be able to be 10k feet above the earth then below the earth in a few days.

  34. Lyn Reply

    Noah, my husband and I are fellow Austinites who have made a decent living as musicians for the past twenty years. Consistency for us has taken the form of our longterm commitment to artistic excellence, to the community of people we work with, and to raising our four children here. Now that the last kid is about to graduate from high school, we’ve been talking about ways to keep Austin as our home base but do some exploring internationally and find places where we can infuse Austin’s great music and food (tacos!) into the local scene. We’re hoping that a little bit of vagabonding in our fifties will keep life interesting and help us stay off the hedonic treadmill.

    Keep writing! Always enjoy reading your stuff!

  35. Doug Murray Reply

    When it comes to living, I thrive on change.

    I’ve found that house sitting is an amazing way to see the world. You get to live in amazing homes, with cool animals and meet the locals. And it doesn’t cost bupkis!

    Last year I was in Guatemala, followed by three amazing joints in Nova Scotia, Canada (including one oceanfront and one lakefront), Ireland and Scotland (also oceanfront). Ah, the nomad lifestyle.

    This year? I started in Scotland (Isle of Mull) and now I’m in my second house sit (the first was also oceanfront) in Nova Scotia – this time in Halifax. Sushi and tacos are just a few blocks away! Coming up: More Guatemala, then maybe Vancouver, definitely back to Scotland and perhaps Australia. *beam*

    The benefits? I’ve met tons of amazing people. I’m continually inspired. And I’ve dropped 40 pounds following a hip replacement 18 months ago. Friggin’ stoked about that!

    All I need is a laptop, an internet connection and some great shorts.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Noah!

  36. Vaughan Reply

    I’d like to travel to China and to the Philippines. I’d go to Jingdezhen to visit the ceramic institute and then to Dumaguette.

  37. Chris Reply

    This is an amazeballs post and ties into something I think a lot of people know in their gut. Why do you think so many corporate workers “hate” their job? It’s because of the routine they don’t know how to break out of. There is something so sad about working 50 weeks a year just to live for 2. I should know I was trapped on that corporate treadmill since 2001, working my way up to a Director level. I traded freedom and adventure for a consistent six figure paycheck. But I hated work. When I was laid off last May, I decided it was time to chase some adventure and work on building my own business. I kayaked the upper Mississippi River for two months last summer, ran 3 ultramarathons including two 100 mile races, and started my dream career as an authorpreneur. I wear shorts almost every day, and these Myles Apparel shorts look really awesome. I’m training to run across the United States sometime in 2017, and would these be great for a grand adventure like that? They look the mullet of shorts, party on the leg, business in the trunk. Top them with an oxford broadcloth for a webinar, strip down to the torso for a shirts/skins pick up game.
    I like how you advise don’t get bored with consistency and identify how the long game equals greater gains and bigger impact. It ties in with what author earnings outlined about kindle sales, that consistent sales equals better ranking over time versus the jump a launch can give you. Great post.
    Happy Taco Tuesday, (an ultimate post run food, btw’s)

  38. Jose Castro-Frenzel Reply

    Nice Post! Mike Tyson was definitely a badass! I appreciate you sharing your insights, started following you since you did your talk at the Less than Conf.. in Atalanta 🙂 Keep it up bro! 3308 Preston Rd Ste 350-263 Plano, Tx 75093

  39. David Nurieli Reply

    Myles Apparel got me through my honeymoon trekking through Thailand. Needless to say, I roughed them up quite a bit. Would love to keep the tradition alive in the Negev in Israel!

  40. Scott Ruprecht Reply

    I go to Panama next month. I own a fly fishing travel company and run a resort in Central America. Would be interested in trying these out. They look better then most of the other shorts I use on the flats and in the bluewater.

  41. Omar Hijaz Reply

    Great read! What I’m struggling with now in my product is that I have a few really cool ideas I want to implement for my productivity app… But I’m wondering if I should first get a good fan base going with the mvp that I have now, before getting all the cool features out there.

    The thing is I know they’re good features because they are things that I would love to have. However, I feel like I should take my time, follow a roadmap, and slowly release the goods, in order to develop a sort of “history” or following. This would be more consistent with being “consistent”. Or am I missing out because people want the features now and will settle for an alternate app that has the features, but that are just mediocre. I’m kinda torn.

    About the shorts, I’d like to go to Hawaii!

  42. Andy Reply

    34 huh! I’m 37 – call me Gramps! I’d like to visit Easter Island. I just read an article that those giant heads actually have bodies underground. I’d love to help excavate one of those heads if it would lead us to learn more about the island inhabitants.

  43. Teague Loughman Reply

    ?? you, Noah — your advice has totally helped me with my startup and job hunt as an 18 year old! I’d love to go to Bora Bora or back to the Greek Islands — these shorts definitely look like they’ll keep up with my always-on lifestyle!

  44. Jarred De Salvo Reply

    Great thoughts Noah! Consistency is very important, but it doesn’t mean remaining in the same place or doing the same thing. Consistently changing things up can be a good thing to depending upon the subject matter.

    We shook our lives up 2.5 years ago and moved to Costa Rica to work for a ministry. Life is good, we’re happy, don’t make a lot of money, but our quality of life is insanely high and we live on less but have more!

    That being said, there are still places I’d like to go and things to do if I can get my wife to agree! ha ha…she’s not too keen on flying long distances (health issues), but we’d love a trip to take a trip to Israel and Tuscany….but our first priority is getting a better vehicle! She’s so practical she would rather I save up $10k to buy a vehicle than spend it on a 10th anniversary trip to Tuscany!

    Maybe some day though…keep to the grind!

    Thanks for your content and your work at AppSumo!


  45. Stewart dunlop Reply

    Noah, I am immigrating to oz from London and on the way I shall be completing a tour of south east Asia. Those shorts shall rock in Vietnam!!

  46. Daniel Guthorn Reply

    Motorcycle from Guadalajara to Oaxaca eating the best food in the world and drinking mezcal and tequila (not while motorcycling). If things are going well I may just head straight down to Rio to root on the US Olympians.

  47. Jeremy Reply

    Continuing my belief that travel is one of the most important things I can give my children (2 and 8)…We’re headed to Mallorca and Barcelona in July. The Myles shorts will help me fit in with the locals and not standout as an “American Tourist”.

  48. Allen Chang Reply

    For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been making plans to actually do something about my restlessness. I plan to quit my job next year and go to a place I’ve neglected for far too long – my birthplace of Taiwan. I am particularly excited about going to Taroko National Park in Hualien. You should check it out sometime yourself Noah, it’ll be worth it I promise!

  49. Jay Reply

    hey noah! looking to get out of the NYC streets this summer and hit yellowstone and glacier national parks – ending the trip at Banff in Canada.

  50. Daniel Reply

    I would love to spend summer trekking through the mountains of Tibet, going off the tourist trail and visiting local villages and getting to know the local culture!

  51. Neil Reply

    Great insight about consistency, Noah! I’m getting married in Miami in November, and my fiancee & I are still planning our honeymoon so we have some great options on the table: Costa Rica, Key West, and Ecuador are our top destinations at the moment.

    (A little more immediate than that would be running along the river here in Austin in the summer. 🙂

  52. Bryce Kaiser Reply

    I read the prompt differently… I read it as “what do you want to become in this world” since the majority of the post was about consistent effort producing results in your long term goals. So, my answer is this: I want to create something that lasts decades/centuries after I’m gone. I do my best to align my daily actions with those goals. Professionally, personally, with family, with friends… all actions are towards building/creating something of quality that will endure.

  53. Jay Hiller Reply

    Hello All,
    The place I want to go is to reach the goal of my mission and that will allow me to travel to many other destinations. I combine personal development (transformation) with entrepreneurial success to reach new levels of achievement.

  54. Ryan Reply

    Great post, Noah. My girlfriend and I have lived in San Diego for almost 6 years now, which is the longest I’ve ever lived in one area (although we’ll have lived in this home for only 18 months). After reading Essentialism and The Life?Changing Magic of Tidying Up, we’ve started selling all our possessions. When our lease is up this summer, we’d like to bounce around Europe for as long as we can get visas. If Myles shorts are good enough to own as your only pair of shorts, then I’d LOVE some. I love my new minimalist approach. Thanks so much!

  55. Michelle Marcus Reply

    I want to go to France and Italy and tour wineries there…where my favorite wines come from. Such history! And I never get tired of wineries in Cali. It’s so beautiful out there.

  56. Sean Kimbrough Reply

    Consistancy:”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – just keep gettin’ the job done” Where I want to go in the world…own a successful GPS business working with organizations achieve greater work efficiency and productivity, looking for ways to improve on the improved. The rest will come…BTW, you know your “tacos” are getting out there when I see your posts reTweeted from random ppl I thought would never be reading your “stuffed tacos”

  57. Haris Reply

    I would love to visit all the places I have not been before…. And then I would like to go back again but after I visit first all the new places…. As Baudelaire said
    “But the true voyagers are only those who leave
    Just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons,
    They never turn aside from their fatality
    And without knowing why they always say: “Let’s go!” “

  58. Jonathan Reply

    For me it has to be Cape Town. I’m South African and live about 6-700 miles away from CT, or as we locally call it : the Mother City. A great yearly visit as a child, before my grandmother packed up permanently for the UK. It’s definitely my pick for a top worldwide destination.

  59. Adam Newman Reply

    I want to journey the glaciers and forests of Patagonia. Grab a backpack, some awesome lightweight clothing the right tools and skills to hunt for my own food and trekk across Patagonia for a month… just me and the wilderness hand in hand!!!

  60. Nate Reply

    Noah. You’re the man and I have found your insights to be simple and profound.

    I have been putting consistent, focused energy each early morning to build an online business that can be run from anywhere so that when I move overseas at the end of the year to marry my Latina lover (yes, I am serious) I won’t be screwed looking for a job in a country that pays solo un poco de pesos.

  61. Shawn Reply

    Where do I really want to go…
    I just want to go to the top!
    The top of my tomorrow.
    The top of my love life.
    The top of my relationships.
    The top of my health.

    This place does exist, I’m just sure of it. And, as the hedonistic treadmill theory goes, it’s a constant strive resulting in a constant gain, just not permanent. That’s proof that there is a “top” to go to. That’s where I’d like to go.

    Who’s coming with me to their top?

  62. Tony Reply

    I want to do these red bull air races. Currently working on a private pilot cert, and the aerobatics gets expensive. Need a lateral approach to get to those air races, and some side hustle to finance all this.

  63. Mike Reply

    Thanks Noah for giving away some nice looking swag! Their site looks great => simple, clean, and good looking shorts. Oh, and Meru was definitely awesome! I’d look some of those shorts for my trip to India and perhaps even around Asia for a few months or longer, a reward for hopefully leaving my job in June or July and do the solopreneur thing full time!! Thanks Noah 🙂

  64. Mark Meleka Reply

    Greetings from Madagascar!

    I want to visit Patagonia, South America. Hopefully visiting with some cool new shorts 😉

    Thanks Tacos

  65. Tom Cotter Reply

    Hi Noah! I’d like to go visit the “Iceman” Wim Hof. I’d wear a pair of Myles shorts when we climb a mountain in sub-freezing temperatures. This guy first got famous when he climbed Mount Everest to 22,000 feet in just shorts and shoes. You can check his story out at wimhofmethod (dot) com if you haven’t already seen it.
    Cool partnership idea for Myles? Me thinks so.
    Iceman + Myles + Mountain = Winner Winner Taco Dinner

  66. PJC Reply

    New Zealand. South Island. Fox Glacier. Helicopter to summit. Step out onto the ice mountain. Air up there is no colder than an open refrigerator. Cue the Myles Apparel shorts.

  67. Mike Duquet Reply

    My favorite trips always involve a major culture shock. It lets you get to know a culture and find out how resourceful you are. Next, I want to go to Japan and drop myself smack dab in the middle of Tokyo with only $10 in my pocket and my passport.

  68. Kaytlin Reply

    Palau. Because I don’t know how to dive and you can’t go to Palau without learning. (yes, I can rock men’s shorts)

  69. Ari Reply

    Cuba! Such an incredible time in history to visit. The doors are cracked open, now it’s time to step through. (Also the ultimate growth channel.) Also, I hear you can get killer pedicures there 😉

  70. Ed Meek Reply

    Uggh… One place? Ireland to play some of the famous golf courses and then hang out at the local pubs the rest of the time 🙂

  71. Tyler Reply

    The hedonic treadmill is something I need to be reminded of each day – being grateful with the basic essentials is one of the keys to staying content.

    I’ll be traveling Europe for this first time in May – I practice parkour, and I’m stoked to see some of the famous parkour practice spots that I see in the videos of great traceurs.

  72. Stefan Reply

    The beach, doesn’t matter where as long as I’m playing with my kids and splashing in the water, building sand castles and eating ice cream

  73. Brendan Reply

    I want to be the John McPhee of Hawai’i and when I move there with my lovely wife and two wonderful dogs in the next year, I will be. Naturally, the shorts could come in handy. Keep thriving, NK.

  74. Kyle Reply

    Kenya would be a killer place to be exposed to some culture. Always wanted to see the great city of Rome as well

  75. Marlee Peters Reply

    My girlfriends and I were talking about this today, so it’s interesting that you sent this email… I think the way to get off the hedonic treadmill is to adjust who you are internally. The way to mastery is to find the minute difference in the 1000th repetition of something, and to love it for its potential. I have no interest in your shorts 🙂 but I’d like to go to my teacher’s aya center in Peru.

  76. Nik Macmillan Reply

    Hey Noah,

    I’ve got two for you!

    Trip 1. Start in Zambia to swim above Victoria Falls and kayak an unreal section of whitewater on the Zambezi River, then head to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

    Trip 2. Tokyo 2020 to check out the Olympics Games before spending a month getting lost in Japan


  77. Alex Mullan Reply

    I’ve been dying to spend a month alone in Costa Rica – Pura Vida, Baby.

    My plan to get there is coming along quite nicely and it’s looking like I’ll be spending October splashing in the waves.

  78. Ian Chandler Reply

    I constantly aim to defeat the hedonistic treadmill––we’re more blessed than we may think.

    As for where I’d love to travel, the East Coast would be wonderful!

  79. Jessie Reply

    A really peaceful moment for me was when I let go of “when this happens I’ll be happy.” I thought, what if I never make more money than I do now? What if nothing changes? Can I continue living this way? And I thought….yeah. I can keep spending time with friends, roaming in the forest, or spending $5 to go salsa dancing.

    If you’re in it for the long haul, why not make the haul something you like?

    Also, I know exactly where I want to go… Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany! So darn cool. They have a full replica of one of their airports… It’s my dream destination. 🙂

    Please geek out over it here:

  80. Bill Griffin Reply

    I would like to go pretty much everywhere in the world that is not currently in a war zone! With sons number 2 and 3 (twins) about to go off to college, it is getting close to where I may just be able to do it!

  81. kelly Reply

    Fuckin’ 82! wuz a good year. Since these shorts seem to be for dudes and would look ridiculous on me, a little old lady, I’m gonna go with Finland as my destination so that my boyfriend could wear the shorts while rockin’ out at all the metal shows. Could you get beat up at a metal show for wearing a custom drawstring? Ok well maybe he could just wear them for all the exploring we would do.

  82. RJ Sumo Reply

    My oldest daughter was born Beihai China, in Guangxi prefecture. She’s almost 12 and I’m trying to put together a trip for next summer. It’s brutal weather, it averages about 2 feet of rain a month and between 95-100F in temp. But it’s something I want her to experience before full teen-attitude mode kicks in 🙂

  83. Nick Reply

    Great read as always. I’d love to go to Japan. I’ll probably go next year or something (cause screw waiting around) but that’s something that’s on my list that isn’t booked yet.

  84. Carl Reply

    Its not so much that I want to go somewhere in particular its that I want to live and work in a foreign country for a period of time… I had the chance to intern in London as a student and found the experience to be profound. Working in a foreign country teaches you soooo much about that place, the culture, history, norms, etc… So for me, a life goal is to work in a foreign country for some period of time, preferably before the whole family thing happens.

  85. Adam Cohen Reply

    Was JUST talking about these shorts to a friend today; very random.

    Im currently vagabonding in New Zealand for 4 weeks (would love them now!) and would use them for my trip to Israel!


  86. Roy Williams Reply

    I want to travel the ENTIRE world and live out of a backpack. Experience new things and meet great people. I want to become self made and leave a legacy for me, my family and future family. I’d rather DIE than settle for anything less.

    Thanks Noah

  87. Gustav Stromfelt Reply

    I want to go to places that help people realise that there is more to the world than the confines of the reality in which they live.

    The Antarctic
    The Rockies
    Atacama Desert
    Sao Salvador
    Solomon Islands
    Easter Islands
    Galapagos Islands

  88. Tino Reply

    So so many places, but if I had to pick the next one, probably China to experience the culture and Silicon Valley to see what it’s like

  89. David Burch Reply

    To the Titan of Tacos:
    Loving life well takes time; and after flying through my bachelors in a brief 14 years its off to Dominica for med school 🙂
    Let me know if i’ll have some shorts to wear in my carribean clinic!

  90. Ryan McKenzie Reply

    i want to go to Normandy Beach and follow the path that the 101st Airborne took a la “Band of Brothers”……

  91. Marsh Reply

    I am planning to go to Barcelona, Spain with my parents and sister. We will be going on many adventures!! What would be the best pair of shorts to get when going on excursions?!

  92. Nicolas Reply

    Hey Noah! thanks for the extra dose of motivation, you don’t know how much i’ve needed it this week (i’ve even opened a thread about motivation hacks on lean-startup fb group). Having an stable HQ for a longer (than usual) time period it can be very convenient for long term goals, but the spirit has to be open for quick getaways and not-too-much planned adventures… at least that’s what i’ve learned..
    For my next quick-crazy adventure, i would visit THE DRIEST DESERT ON EARTH (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)… so i would love to have the chance to try out these shorts! (of course, will sent the photos!)

  93. Darrell Harada Reply

    I definitely want to leave, if not the world, a good number of lives, better through my work of balancing the spiritual and the secular in a useful and practical way. Those born Jewish are blessed if their lives were influenced by men like the ones portrayed in the books My Grandfathers Blessings by Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen and Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom. The loving and yet practical consistency of such men grew their wisdom and ability to share it. For a lot of us without such a strong tradition I hope to take the woo woo out of the wonder to enrich their life experience.

  94. Eric Rosenberg Reply

    I’m headed to London and Paris next week! Next up high on my list are Thailand, India, Italy, and Greece.

    I just moved from rainy Portland to the sunny beach in California, and some fresh shorts would do my wardrobe some good!

  95. Dan Reply

    I have got your same problem Noah, let’s build a Fortune 500 company together so ! (Tried to not long time ago)

  96. Darrell Reply

    My son got some Balcones from a friend. I got to try it and that shit is goooood! I could consistently drink the stuff. Good thing for my liver I don’t live anywhere near Texas. Life is change which makes consistence unnatural, adaptation and the ability to adapt is survival and spice. “Improvise, adapt, overcome.” – Marine Corp slogan

  97. Margie Jepson Reply

    I heard you on the Tony Robins podcast and now I have “found” you. I am working in a 10-year old tech start up as their first marketing person. Wow. Love me some marketing. You are interesting and I am reading you.

  98. royal Reply

    Antartica, strangely is calling me. I think it’s because so few have traveled there and the peace and quiet would be on a whole new level.