The Guy Who Paid $10k For a Wife -

The Guy Who Paid $10k For a Wife

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In today’s episode, I talk to Joe Cohen – the CEO of SelfHacked, SelfDecode, and LabTestAnalyzer.

So I’m single and dating. My buddy Billy knows this and sent me an article of Joe’s a week ago that said he is paying $10k for a wife...I loved it! What a creative marketing way to meet someone. A week later, we are on the phone talking about the entire experience.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about communities, relationships, and some Jewish stuff, you’ll love this episode.

You’ll enjoy 3 BIG things from this conversation:

  1. How the $10k for finding a wife went for him
  2. How to make friends in new cities
  3. What to do if you have no money, not good looking and no status and you want to meet a partner

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