Early Amazon Employee's New BIG Thing for Home Security

Early Amazon Employee’s New BIG Thing for Home Security



David Selinger is a super impressive dude.


  • Was an early employee at Amazon — working under Jeff Bezos
  • Co-founded Redfin (now a $2.4 billion company)
  • And is now inventing the next BIG thing in home security

Dave’s latest company, Deep Sentinel, provides 24/7 guards that monitor your home and is the best in the market at a SUPER reasonable price. It’s a disrupter.

Oh, and Jeff Bezos has helped fund the company and is an active advisor.

In this conversation, you’ll enjoy 3 BIG things:

  1. Thinking through “Problem Selection” and how it’s the #1 thing you can do as an entrepreneur
  2. Working with Jeff Bezos and some of his specific feedback on projects.
  3. Deep Sentinel’s Marketing Funnel (Hook, Curiosity, Education, and Conversion)

Leave a comment below with your #1 takeaway from the conversation.

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