How to Make 7-Figures on Fiverr (w/ Alex Fasulo)

How to Make 7-Figures on Fiverr (w/ Alex Fasulo)

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In today’s episode, I talk to Alexandra Fasulo — a copywriter, freelancer, and Fiverr millionaire. Alex first gained international attention in 2018 when her feature on CNBC "How to Make 6-Figures on Fiverr" went viral. She’s since been featured on MSN, AOL, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance.

Before Alex started making 7-figures on Fiverr, she was in NYC working a PR job she hated. Just 4-weeks in, she quit with no plan & no money. Now, Alex owns her own ghostwriting business, built a photo app called EyePop, is co-owner of a mobile trailer bar business with her mom, sells e-books & courses, and hosts the Freelance Fairytales Podcast.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to live life on your own terms, you’ll love this episode.

You’ll enjoy 3 BIG things from this conversation:

  1. How to make money freelancing while traveling the world
  2. Why all publicity isn’t good publicity
  3. The two biggest things that hold people back from going out on their own

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