Guiding Questions for Guest Posts |

Guiding Questions for Guest Posts

  1. Long posts between 2,000 to 4,000 words with specific, actionable advice based on experience and/or research perform best.

  2. Personal stories including overcoming real challenges and hardships allow readers to more quickly connect with a guest writer. #BeVulnerable

  3. Step-by-step instructions (with helpful images) increase the number of shares a post receives.

Below are a set of guiding questions to keep in mind when outlining, writing, and finalizing a post.


  • Is the title eye catching? How can it be better?

  • What alternate titles can be tested in the email version?

  • Does the post deliver on the promise in the title?

  • Does Noah introduce the guest author? How did you meet each other?

  • Do you tell readers why the guest an authority on this topic?

  • What will readers be able to do after reading the post?

Conversational Style

  • Is the post consistent with what OkDork readers want to read/learn?

  • Engaging? Personal, even chatty style? Honest/vulnerable?

  • Creates a bond; uses “you” and “I”?


  • Is it easy to scan? Does it use short sentences and paragraphs?

  • Are there helpful/relevant images? Do the images need captions?

  • Too many images without enough context?

  • Are important phrases/sentences in underline, bold, italics?

  • No more than seven lines per paragraph?

  • Are long sections divided by sub-headers?

Taking Action

  • Is the advice/knowledge broken down into actionable steps?

  • Is it clear why readers need to know this?

  • Are the claims backed up by research or direct experience?

  • Are there quotes that should be “click to tweet”?

Wrapping Up

  • Is there an “outro” that encourages readers to sign up to the guest author’s email list/Twitter/Facebook page?

  • Does “Leave a comment” ask for a specific action or ask a specific question?

  • Are there old posts on OkDork that should link to the new guest post? Vice versa?

  • Is there a giveaway/bonus? Is it open to all? Does it require mailing or is it digital?

  • Does the P.S. disclose some benefit or intriguing fact that’s not discussed in the body? Is it especially interesting?

After Posting

  • Is the guest author available to leave reply comments over the next 48 hours?

  • Can the guest author email his/her own list with a link to the post?

  • Can the guest author Tweet/share on Facebook?

Here are 2 perfect examples:


"I was really pleased with how well my guest post did on OKDork - Noah has built an incredibly engaged and active community. I got over 300 new subscribers within the first few days of my guest post being published on OKDork, tons of social media shares, invites to come on podcasts, a few dozen "thank you" emails, a few awesome taco recipes, and I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. It was well worth the effort. I'd highly recommend it."  -- John Corcoran,


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