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Hola, I am the Chief Sumo at and, where we help entrepreneurs kick more ass. Before that I was a cubicle monkey at Intel, #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint. These are my stories on marketing, starting a business, personal improvement and productivity tips.

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How Aubrey Marcus Grew Onnit to $28 Million in Revenue

Aubrey Marcus is obsessed with reaching his highest potential. To help fuel his drive for optimizing performance, he founded Onnit — a nutritional supplements brand to help himself and others achieve peak performance in life and sports. Today, the company is doing more than $28 million in yearly revenue. Niiiiiiiiiiice. As he keeps running the...

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Breaking Rules with Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus

“There’s very little that’s off limits. You can steer me in whatever waters you want.” I know Aubrey Marcus likes to push the boundaries. When we talked, we had one of the most remarkable, enlightening conversations of my life. We discussed everything from open relationships and love... to managing ego and psychedelics. Aubrey’s goal is...

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From $100,000 of Debt to Co-Founding an 8-Figure Business

Recently, on our 12th Sumo team retreat in Tulum, Mexico, I sat down with my co-founder and CTO, Chad Boyda. We reflected on his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Growing up, Chad dreamed of being an entrepreneur. But it didn’t work out for him like you see in the movies...

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Peek inside Intercom’s Multi-million Dollar SaaS Growth Strategy

Intercom is a quietly MASSIVE hit: 17,000+ paying customers $50+ million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) Investments from the “who’s who” of investors (including Mark Zuckerberg, Jason Fried, and Jack Dorsey) I asked Chris Von Wilpert, the brains behind Rocketship Agency, to be a marketing detective and figure out WTF did they do to grow...

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How to Overcome 190 Rejections and Change an Industry — Ben Mezrich

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