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Hola, I am the Chief Sumo at and, where we help entrepreneurs kick more ass. Before that I was a cubicle monkey at Intel, #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint. These are my stories on marketing, starting a business, personal improvement and productivity tips.

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Lessons on Pushing Limits and Maximizing Life with Jesse Itzler

Most of us go through life on autopilot. New day, same routine: Work the same hours See the same friends Have the same weekend plans (aka Netflix...) For Jesse Itzler, “same old old plans” would be worse than death. Jesse is an uber-successful entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, endurance athlete, and former rapper. A...

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My Biggest Rich Asshole Moment (plus, Lessons on How to Be Happy)

I’m going to tell you about a series of events that dramatically changed my life, including my BIGGEST asshole moment… From this story, you’ll learn: How to "test drive" your happiness — and general lessons on how to be happy My BIGGEST asshole moment How the "Test Shit Out" strategy changed my life How to...

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Behind the Scenes of Tim Ferriss: His Secrets of Success (and More)

The first time I met Tim Ferriss, he told me he was going to be a New York Times bestselling author. This was in in 2005, before The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, or any of his other books. He was even one of my first “guest” posts. Seriously, what an epic look inside Tim’s...

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A Conversation with Mike Posner on Gaining Success, Dealing with Jealousy, and More

Mike Posner is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, poet, rapper, and music producer. I met Mike recently on Instagram after he heard me on Tim Ferriss' podcast. He joined my Noah Kagan Presents podcast to share his incredible journey from growing up in Southfield, Michigan to becoming a world-famous artist (and all the lessons for success...

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