Okdork Virgin Guide | OkDork.com - Part 3

Eureka! I am so glad you found Okdork.com. This site was started by me 7 years ago to talk about marketing, business musings, online communities and other things to kill time while you are at work. Everyone can participate on Okdork. With more than 25,000 comments and over 600+ posts there is a lot to do...

My latest posts:

  • The 5 am Challenge

    In this episode I talk about the 5 things I learned from waking up at 5 am for a week. I also challenge you with implementing the knowledge I drop to make you more efficient and productive and give you back your afternoons to enjoy life. That’s my happy 5:29am face I give you my…

  • Jason Fried – Robots, watches and not sweating

    In this episode of Noah Kagan Presents I get the chance to sit down with Basecamp co-founder and CEO Jason Fried before “The Basecamp Way To Work” event at their office in Chicago. I ask all the juicy questions no one has asked him before such as how to future proof your kids against robots…

  • Gabe Freund – Powerful Wisdom From a Millennial

    In this episode of Noah Kagan Presents I sit down with my musician and mathematician cousin to talk life and wisdom. Gabe was bullied in high school but eventually made it to college by a very circuitous route including gardening, parking cars, and tennis in the hood. In this episode Gabe shares his deep wisdom…

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall – Book Report

    In this episode of Noah Kagan Presents I do a deep dive on the book Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I highlight the best take-aways and save you the time of reading the whole book. There are 12 key points Arnold lays out for his path to success from vision and intent to being naive…

  • The journey of creating a physical product [case study]

    Dustin Lien is a reader turned friend who is experimenting with a new business called Fit Fly Shaker that I helped fund. This episode of Noah Kagan Presents is the first episode in a series where we’ll follow Dustin’s business journey and learn about what works, what doesn’t work, and how to focus on your…

  • Tim Ferriss Q&A – Our convertible heads and more

    In this episode of Noah Kagan Presents I talk to Tim Ferriss. The world’s most famous lifehacker, recovering angel investor, and New York Times best selling author. We take fan questions and talk about things Tim is never asked like what was his childhood nickname, what is he going to name his kids, how to…

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