Kick ass using Positive Triggers

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Here are some of my not so favorite quotes I’ve said recently:

“The pills are on my table, guess I’ll take them in the morning. Gulp”

“My running shoes and are in the middle of my hall-way. Bleh”

“Argh. I have to go to the side room to work.”

“Damn that happy picture of me chest bumping Johnross I see as I leave my place.”

Fortunately whether I’m in a good mood or not I setup positive triggers to make myself take action or feel better. 

It’s a handy trick I encourage you to use.

What I do is place things annoyingly in my way or completely out of my way to encourage a positive behavior. Over time these triggers develop into the power of habit which makes it all the more easy.

Here’s a sampling of the ones I currently do:

  1. I put my running shoes in my hall way at night. FINE, I can’t get around them in the morning so I go running.
  2. There are happy posters by my door so I try to smile as I leave my place. This is one of the best ways to get in a good mood and generate positive thinking.
  3. I don’t bring a power cord with me to coffee shops so I am limited to how much time I can work and goof off less. (This is one of my tips & tricks for working alone.)
  4. At the office I put some of my important items in a side room where I’m more productive so I tend to go work in that room more often.
  5. Placing my scale at the end of my bed so I have to weigh myself each day.
  6. My pull-up bar is on my closet door so I tend to do pull-ups each time I get dressed.

Why does any of this matter?

It’s easy to skip over things but if you set them up to automatically to reduce your friction from doing it, you are WAY more likely to get the results you want. Make it easy  to say, “Yes” to yourself!

What’s 1 trigger you can setup today for yourself? Leave a comment then watch this video about Starting and KILLING habits on YouTube.

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13 responses to “Kick ass using Positive Triggers

  1. Jacques de Villiers Reply

    We’re creatures of habit.

    So, we may as well get good habits. By doing these small, yet important things, Noah, you are making it easier for your brain to go for it.

    As you probably already know, the brain doesn’t like to be taxed.

    If you make it easy for your brain, which is the most energy hungry organ in the body, then you are more likely to get your stated task done.

    You’ve already read David Rocks ‘Your Brain At Work’, Noah so you know how it works. A great read for anyone who wants insight on how to get the best out of people.

    Another book that ties in with Noah’s topic (and should be your 19th must read book, Noah) is Switch – How to Change When Change is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath.

    Be awesome!

    South Africa

  2. Karelys Beltran Reply

    If I want to impress someone like my husband or boss or friend I picture them being so happy and genuinely feeling like their life is happier or better because I am here.

    So then I behave like what would get that result.

  3. Elliom Neave Reply

    Great read. Going to give some of these a go on top of my current methods.

    One I like to do is write down what I need to have done for the day/week/month and stick it on a wall.

    It’s easy to type something in Notepad to be done, but you’ll probably end up closing it.

    If something is in your own handwriting you tend to feel more guilty about NOT doing it and then creates, at first, the illusion of discipline and then becomes actual discipline.

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  6. Alexandre Nômade Digital Reply

    Habit creation is subject that I love study.

    Those ideas are not direct habit creation, but as you said, part ofit: turning the things easier to to and hard to miss.
    As simple as that.

    I try to think about compound interest about habits: learn that little tiny heathy habit today and do it for 10 year. Will make a HUGE diference.

    But we usually overlook the small things and shoot only for thebig things. And more than often don’t accomplish it. Downward spiral.

    Small, but constant.

    Awesome post, Noah.
    You’re the guy.

    (I need to get some momentum [a.k.a., passive web income] to allow me to focus more on my whole life!)

  7. Tracey Pedersen Reply

    Oh it turns out I’ve been doing this for years without even thinking about what it actually means. I have a skill of turning off the alarm or setting it to snooze over and over in the morning. Many years ago I decided to place my alarm clock or phone on the other side of the room so I had to get up to turn it off in the morning. No more setting it to snooze. Once I’m out of bed I’m on the move! Thanks for pointing out all the other places I can use this technique!

  8. Christine Reply

    I bought a super cool lunch box so I feel more compelled to take a healthy lunch to work everyday. Doesn’t have a thermos with it like my kickin’ Strawberry Shortcake one did when I was in 3rd grade, but it still makes everyone kind of jealous in the break room. :D

  9. Rebekah Kennelly Reply

    I’ve been doing this for the last couple weeks to help with my workout program – the coffee pot kicks on 10 minutes before my alarm – my shoes, headphones and armband sit right next to the door – and lay out my workout clothes before I go to bed. It’s hard to skip working out in the morning when I have everything laid out and prepared.

  10. Kris Reply

    Smile. I tend to be a negative half-empty person, so just last night I was reading that smiling for 20-30 seconds can make you happier, Not just a little smile, but an ear to ear grin. So I tried it an slept better than I had in a long time. I’m going to do it at least once in the morning and once at night. Great post!