Noah’s Ultimate Speech at UC Berkeley

February 26, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

This is a speech I gave at UC Berkeley last week about life, love, working at Intel and more…

This is one of my first speeches…ever. You can briefly see my friend Tim Ferriss on the side. He was nice enough to let me use his camera. Unfortunately, it ran out of tape from his speech :O Fortunately, he’s a bad ass and has done a few more speeches since then!

What do you think?

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73 responses to “Noah’s Ultimate Speech at UC Berkeley

  1. Noah Kagan Reply

    Thank you for the kind words Brian. I thought it was pretty entertaining. I was surprised how I sound/look on video. My hair was definitely not working that night but besides that it was fun:)

  2. DK Reply

    The ‘bed-head’ (you have that expression in the States, right?) didn’t detract from the content and style – sweet stuff my friend!

    My assistant tells me of for swearing during my presentations/training as well…



  3. Noah Kagan Reply

    The event was supposed to be a panel on technology and business from (computer science and business association, a club I started) and (asian business association). When we arrived they said we each are speaking for 15-20 minutes and this is what I rambled about. It is kind of a trip for me to realize how much I have gone through/done in just 2 years out of college. I guess what is more exciting is what’s next…

  4. Noah Kagan Reply

    Laura, I would love to go back and speak anytime. I really enjoy attention so more speaking the better=P

    Justin, I am not sure to laugh or be sad=) I guess I will take it politely and try harder to keep it real on my site and not be so dorky. I have noticed that a lot of the people I meet from there blogs are dorkier in real life. Maybe I need to tone up my blog. I guess since I started getting more readers I have toned it down. Relating back to my how not to be a pussy post. I will try harder.

    Susan my friend forever, You are great. Knock knock?

  5. Jon Speer Reply

    The joke you didn’t get was “If you want to be an accountant, go join their club and be their treasurer”. I thought that was hilarious!
    Seriously, I really enjoyed this presentation. Inspiring to an older than 27 entrepreneur.

  6. Noah Kagan Reply

    Thanks assclown. Too bad I want to be you Aaron when I grow up:)

    Any ideas on how to get this out to more college students? Even though it is my “speciality” I wondered what you thought….

  7. Doug Karr Reply


    Great public speaking gig. You were engaging (immediately), walked around, great hand gesturing… and held everyone’s attention. Nice job. Do you do a lot of public speaking?


  8. Doug Karr Reply

    I’m preparing for doing some tours here locally in Indiana on blogging/corporate blogging. Nothing too spectacular, just 45 min or so in a 8 hour “Web Intro” tour.

    Perhaps you can do some gigs like that local to you. I had an Internet firm seek me out because of my blog’s traction here in the area.

    The other idea you may think about is a vlog. There’s not too many good ones around. I’ve just started using Democracy a few weeks ago and I’m hooked… GeekBrief TV, zefrank, and TWiT. There’s not too many good ones out there!


  9. Scott Reply

    It kicked ass. But we know this already.

    – congrats on Mint. it sounds pretty sexy. I’d definitely, definitely use it.
    – you could put together a video series you show online. for the really good, uncensored stuff, you sell it for like $5 a download. get on the conference / speaking circuit through the Kauffman Entrepreneurship Center. deep pockets, wide influence.

  10. Jason H. Reply

    Awesome speech, Noah πŸ™‚

    Indeed, “Start Now” is the best advice you can give to any apiring entrepreneur.

    P.S. I like Doug’s idea on vLog–maybe you can do a weekly or monthly OkDorknation or Noahnation kinda vpodcasting gig…

  11. Noah Kagan Reply

    I could create more videos I guess. What would people want to hear about? What do I even know=P

    Maybe a vLog but I emailed Doug I wonder about the time commitment and such…

  12. sri Reply

    My bad. You are not a blogger. But seriously…think how much money u can make if u went around the country and taught fat cats who want to be bloggers.

    Every CEO wants to do it. This is the new conversation at the country club after a round of golf and caviar.

    2 CEO’s meet at a country club:

    George: Henry, how is the portfolio doing with the recent bull market?

    Henry: By George, pardon my Scandinavian, but fuck the stock market. I am now a blogger.

    George: Booger?

    Henry: Blogger! dear George..Blogger… This is Web 2.0

    George: When was web 1.0 over?

    Henry: Excuse me George, but I rather keep company with Jeremiah and Wilson. Your CEO days are over.

    George: Henry..wait…I want to be a booger too…sorry Blogger. What do i do?

    Henry: Well, for a start, you can read See, this guy called Noah is not a blogger but a champion of thoughts. Anyway George, I have to run. The trophy is waiting.

    George: Trophy from your golf tournament?

    Henry: No silly, the trophy wife.

    George: Giggles. Toot-a-loo.

    Henry: Dude!! You need to either start blogging or read some blogs. You are so out of touch with the lingo. Later ma brother!

  13. Tim Ferriss Reply

    Noah, I think you should record your calls to customer service reps using HotRecorder and make them into podcasts. Illegal, but it would be hysterical. Poor TMobile, seriously.

    In other news, you look suspiciously like a possum playing dead in the freeze fame thumbnail of the video. Coincidence, or is there a message in this?

    For those who weren’t there, I saw Noah’s performance in person, as well as the cult wannabes who surrounded him afterwards. Serious David Koresh potential. Consider yourselves forewarned.

  14. sri Reply

    David Koresh potential??
    I am already IN. I will die for Noah Kagan. Noah is the shiznit.

    I am building a house for my guru in Waco as we speak. He requested the mansion to be filled with 88 virgins and a mac laptop. All he wants to do is make sweet love, sew the royal oats and blog. What a simple man.

  15. bjorn Reply

    i saw this on google video before you blogged.

    what a coincidence cos i had a public speaking gig at a high school here in Singapore last saturday and was wondering if you do the same. =D Awesome presentation, what did you those attendees eat? they were giggling throughout and really enjoyed your company eh.. πŸ˜‰

  16. noah kagan Reply

    I seriously love everyone of you. I love helping others/public speaking but always question people who give advice/speeches who have not accomplished much. I want to get a few more wins underneath my belt before I “hit” the circuit.

    I try my best to keep it real=)

    Seriously, all of you rock!

  17. Jason H. Reply

    “I want to get a few more wins underneath my belt before I Ò€œhitÒ€? the circuit.”

    RESPECT! Brotha πŸ™‚

    I guess you won’t be invited to speak at Intel anytime soon, but sounds like you have a really wonderful thing going on with MyMint. Good luck to that.

    Dude, Sri, you really crack me up, maybe you and Noah can do a “Noah & Sri Show” (sorta like web version of Wayne’s World)

  18. Noah Kagan Reply

    Honestly, one of the greatest rewards I can get is someone telling someone else about that site. Thank you for sharing this post with friends.

    I got asked what are some of the domains I mention:, free online money management. I work there., my personal cheesy bio site., you are there, nice., a business I started in college, a student discount card I ran for 2 years

  19. Colby Reply

    Wow! I just randomly stumbled across your page while searching (Google) for a topic for a special occasion speech I have to give in my public speaking class.. I absolutely loved this, really helped me as well; lately, I have been feeling very overwhelmed with the full load I am taking at school, but this speech has given me the wake-up call I was in need of (back to the books I go)! You are awesome, keep doing what you do!

  20. christine Reply

    I met you once at an intel thing ( carrie’s birthday) at suite 181, and sounds like you’re up to something interesting I also got ” rejected at Google”.. which I think is something alot of us Berkeley grads have gone through, but nevertheless, seems like it’s brought out the best in all of us hahaha. I’m going to begin my foray into product management at eBay ( strange for an english major I guess.) but I’m happy.

  21. Ashley Reply

    Haha, and how long ago was this posted? Regardless, I found this now and thought your speech was very entertaining. I’m almost motivated to take up business.

  22. J.T. Reply

    Hi Noah – uh, first-time watcher, long-time listener? Yeah, uh, hey, just wanted to say, love your show, I love you, keep doing what you’re doing, and how do you stay so peppy and energetic? I’ll take my question off the air. Thanks!


  23. elramirez Reply

    Great stuff Noah! You asked about what to talk about? I wonder if you always had this energy, enthusiasm, like “in your face” type of character πŸ™‚ I think you do a pretty awesome job simplifying what others may take as complex but i feel is due your positive attitude more than anything. How did you trained yourself to be so awesome!? πŸ™‚

  24. @tlbooey Reply

    I’m having some problems with Excel…. I hear you’re an Excel jedi master… Can you tutor me?

    Seriously – dig this. Charming, impressive and enlightening.

  25. Marco Reply

    Hey Noah,
    Marco Sanchez here, if you remember πŸ™‚

    I love when people genuinely talk about themselves. I believe in the theory that if your friend is happy your own happiness goes up by 50%, and if his friend is happy your own happiness goes up by 25% and so on.

    Great talk.

  26. Fatmir Qylafi Reply

    I study in England, high school equivalent. Considering to go to uni in US, reason: people are cooler, things move faster…this video reconfirmed that. Thanks Noah!

  27. Roland Reply

    Truly enjoyed your presentation which I happened to come to by mere chance. I saw your post on the books that changed your life, so I can affirm that this was not a coincidence πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to learning more through and from you.

    All the very best!

  28. Joel Alain Reply

    There is nothing more I love then going back in time and seeing how someone started, or how he was thinking back then etc and now because of the internet (and the fact that everything stays online forever), we have access to anybody’s story, at anytime. I checked recently Marie Forleo’s first website and videos, Mixergy’s Andrew Warners, etc. Once you see that, it’s encouraging and you understand that successful people started from zero like all of us and then slowly developed into what they are now.