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My Favorite Tools

  • AppSumo: A new product or service every day to help entrepreneurs kick ass
  • Sumo: The best and most affordable email marketing
  • KingSumo: Epic WordPress plugin for running list-building, viral giveaways
  • SendFox: Simple tools to communicate with your email subscribers.
  • Google Chrome "New Tab" extension with beautiful backgrounds, productivity integrations, and more.

My Favorite Videos

For more epic videos on marketing or starting a business, check out my YouTube channel.

My Favorite Podcast Episodes

My Favorite Guides

My Favorite Travel Things

  • SUAVS. They're like Allbirds on steroids. Ultra-comfy shoes you can wear for walking, hiking, or just hanging out.
  • Google Project Fi. hen you travel it’s super annoying and expensive to deal with getting new SIM cards. Google Fi is Google’s cell network, and it works in every country — plus it costs just $20 a month if you hardly use it or up to $60 if you use it heavily. I’ve been very impressed with it.
  • Amazon Basics Backpack. This is magical when traveling. When you just want a daypack, and don’t want to lug something big around around. I use this almost daily when going to the beach, out for a walk, or off to the gym. It’s super cheap, lightweight, and has 2 pockets (oh my)!

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