15+ Recession Proof New Businesses Ideas During Coronavirus

15+ Recession Proof Business Ideas During Coronavirus

With limitations.. Comes CREATIVITY. 

Today I’m brainstorming different business opportunities to help your creative juices. 

Here are 15+ business ideas and opportunities during coronavirus. 

#1 Board Games.  

#2 Help make products portable. 

  • Portable cocktails.
  • Pre-packaged meals + smoothies (like local Daily Harvest)

#3 Sell your existing customers something brand new.

  • Shoe company offering mediation classes.
  • Photo booth company pivoting into selling gift boxes benefitting local businesses  Keep Your City Smiling

#4 Offer canceled customers an insane deal. 

  • 50% off for life

#5 Teach English remotely if you’re in another country. 

#6 Rent your Airbnb to someone at half off. 

  • Or convert into package or distribution space
  • If you own event space or studio - rent out to people making content + videos, etc.

#7 Remote coworking membership. Low cost, shared resources. 

  • Virtual assistants, software, virtual hangouts/webinars, CPAs, health or business coaches, discounts/credits or member rates on products.

#8 CTO for hire - software setup help for businesses going digital.

  • AppSumo + otherwise — (i.e. set up your FB ads account and get you going on Relaythat)

#9 Tutorials - look up frequently asked how-tos and research answers. 

  • Can create video content using something like Fleeq and SEO optimize to build up viewership

#10 Home speakeasy bars.

#11 Teach speakers and trainers how to host online events.

#12 Online tuition for kids and teens.

#13 Rent gym equipment.

  • One gym owner is giving their best clients gym equipment to take home and then do virtual training sessions.

#14 Financial Advisors giving away free financial advisory services

  • Double down on top of funnel: customer acquisition via content/free
  • Double down on the bottom of your funnel: with your best clients to continue serving them. 

#15 Help others go remote, tools, setup etc…

#16 Cost Cutter Consultant. Sad but true.

#17 Rent out gym equipment to people.

#18 Date night boxes. 

  • Chocolates, wines, etc.

#19 Start a farm.

#20 Make DIY kits for kids.

#21 A plant store started selling “build your own quarantine arrangement”

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2 responses to “15+ Recession Proof Business Ideas During Coronavirus”

March 26, 2020 at 9:17 am

One thing I would LOVE to see from my favorite restaurants and bars is online classes teaching one of their signature dishes or cocktails.

Cesar Rodriguez
March 24, 2020 at 8:22 pm

I have an idea for making a game is like jenga but the blocks are much bigger and inside them they have Jell-O shots I can make these blocks in a cnc machine greetings from Houston