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Book Review: Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson

I was walking around the business section of my library last week and saw something about virginity and picked it up. Luckily it was a fantastic read by Richard Branson. I read this in a week and loved it. Richard Branson does not preach the ways to be successful or the right ways to run...

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The Corporation of One

I think many people don't realize this including myself but everything starts from somewhere. An individual Dell started from a dorm room with Michael Dell wanting more from computers. IBM was created by Thomas Watson wanting to make calculating more easily. Google was started after two Phd students want a better ranking of information. Hewlett-Packard...

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Online Video Sharing: Death of a Startup

If many of you don't know, I was involved in a website for online video sharing. This was my first time working on a serious start-up with highly motivated people. I was thinking about positives and negatives and wanted to touch on ways I thought affected our failure. The initial idea was to provide a...

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Life at Facebook, 3 weeks at a startup

"The Whatbook" my mom replied as I told her I am leaving Intel to go to a startup based in Palo Alto. This was the common reaction I got from most co-workers and relatives who have never heard of the All my college buddies they were totally pumped that I would be working for one of...

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