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Starting a Small Business: How I Made $50,000 in College

It all started out when I saw many freshmen at UC Berkeley unable to get summer jobs. I asked: How can I take advantage of people who are super smart but can’t get an internship? I decided to create a local business consulting company. Why? Because: I was around college kids all the time (I was...

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How One Survey Created Insane Results

When we started promoting Monthly1k, we sent out a super targeted email to 30,000 people. (That’s a lot btw.) I was waiting for the dollars, accolades and success stories to roll in…drum roll please... And only 30 people bought 🙁 That’s a .1% conversion rate which is SUPER disappointing. I’m Noah Kagan, things always work...

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How to Earn More Money: By Asking

In 2013 I was graciously invited to speak in Australia. They offered to cover flights and hotels. I generally don’t ask for speakers fees cause I love sharing my stories and working with people. And I have and know how to organize conferences so I know there are always more costs than expected. …But traveling costs...

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6 Steps to Writing Great Cold Emails

I get about 2 cold emails a day asking for coffee or advice. Lately, I've been deleting them because no one takes even a minute to write a well crafted cold email. I used to feel guilty but I figure since the person is being selfish, I can be as well. I've written before about "What...

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Showing vs. Telling: How to Convince Anyone

I want to share a story about two girls I dated. Don't worry, I confirmed they unsubscribed a long time ago. I've NEVER cared about clothing since high school, hence much of my wardrobe up until this year was from high school. The best part is seeing old pictures and I'm literally wearing the same outfit....

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How to Ask Questions

Ever wonder how to ask questions to get what you want? If you ask the right questions you'll get better answers. For example, How’s your day? What response do you generally get from that question? “Fine” “Good” “Ok” Now, what if I asked you: What did you have for lunch? See, a bit different. The...

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