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Best Business Ideas for 2021

Finding great business ideas in emerging industries is no easy feat. So we’ve partnered with the experts at, a team of data scientists who obsessively track up-and-coming new industries, and interesting ideas. Here are the five BEST business ideas to pursue in 2021. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube for more marketing tips to...

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How I Made $1K in 24 Hours - Sumo Jerky

On Tuesday in 2014, I started the 24-Hour Business Challenge to show you that there's no reason you can't start your business today. I challenged myself to make $1,000 in less than 24 hours, and let the AppSumo audience pick which business I would do. Well, I started from the bottom, and now I’m here...

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Create an Online Course (LIVE Example)

My assistant Jamie wants to start an online course. Specifically she wants to build an online business teaching others how to be a virtual assistant.  She’s been thinking of doing this for a while, but finally ready to TAKE ACTION.  Over the past months she’s just put her course ideas into a Google doc.  Today...

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The Ultimate Pricing Strategy to Charge What Your Time is Worth

On a recent trip to Australia, I stopped by Brisbane to have a drink. At the bar, I started chatting with the locals. We talked about their love of rugby. They bought me a couple of pints. I asked what the hell was up with all the scary insects in Australia. You know, the usual...

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9 Business Lessons I Learned Watching a Baby for 4 Days

My brother has a 3 month old baby and I volunteered to help watch him for a few days. This is a picture after I got both shoulders puked on by baby Atlas. He’s a cute kid and I figured I could leave the kid in his crib while I did my work and activities...

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6 Step Guide on Free PR for Startups

To be honest, I wanted to not like the guest post you'll read today. "PR" can be terribly boring. Before I started reading it, I decided that I wasn't going to share it. But when I started reading, I kept reading. Dmitry is an experienced PR marketer and OkDork reader. He runs which provides...

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