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How to Make a Great Day

How's Your day? How many times have you gotten that question? 100. 1,000. More like 10,000+ Most people answer, "fine," "okay," "boring," "meh." The more truthful you are with others the better relationship you will be able to form. It got me thinking what are the elements of a Great day. If you knew what...

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Process, investment and flow. A review of the Toyota Way

TL;DR: Invest in people, setup processes, continual improvement and think in flow. When I was in Bali, Mark from took me to see the company’s factory which was amazing. They had been running the business for over 10 years and now had nearly 300 employees. The idea of a business creating that many jobs...

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Gmail Happy Hack

Have you had a rough day lately? Don't worry, me too. I created a quick hack to cheer up any day. 1- Create a label in Gmail called 'happy' 2- Any time you get an email that is positive, label it happy and archive it. 3- Whenever you are not happy go to that label...

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