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My Favorite Book of 2014 —Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

I've been reading more this year and so far my favorite has been Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. It's so good I bought it for the team at AppSumo so they could all read it. I often talk about having one goal and prioritizing based that goal as a key to marketing....

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My 2014 Processes (No More New Year's Resolutions)

How many times have you been asked, “What are your resolutions for the new year?” A few of my personal favorite replies: “Nope, already finished them all" “Not dying” “Doing whatever Drake does” Why didn’t we start these habits or desired outcomes at the time we wanted that change to happen? What’s different? No clue....

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How to Make Better Decisions with a Priority Framework

Last week we looked at how to simplify your decision making. This week I want to talk briefly about how a priority framework can make decisions easier and better. So what is a priority framework and how does it help? A few months ago, I bought 3 pairs of high-end headphones (Audio Technica, Bose Clear...

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How to Simplify Your Decision Making

I wrote a ~2,000 word article to help you make decisions but it was too much to consume and really take action on. So I made a decision (see what I did there?) to simplify it into one simple post to help you improve your decision making skills.   The Power of Simplification This time of year a...

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The Power of Habit Book Review

I'm trying something new out. I read about a book a week, I write a book report from every book I read (that I selfishly save to my hard drive). I figured it may be helpful to share them with others. This year I've formed a fair amount of new habits: morning situp / pushups,...

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How to Make a Great Day

How's Your day? How many times have you gotten that question? 100. 1,000. More like 10,000+ Most people answer, "fine," "okay," "boring," "meh." The more truthful you are with others the better relationship you will be able to form. It got me thinking what are the elements of a Great day. If you knew what...

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