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How I Organize My Life As The CEO Of A $100M Company

I help run AppSumo which is a $100 million company, I'm trying to write a best-selling book, and I’m trying to grow my YouTube channel that helps people on their business journey… How am I able to do three full-time jobs in a regular work week? Let me explain my productivity hacks. The point here...

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Motivation Speech for Anyone

The problem with motivational feel-good content is that it gets you hyped up while you’re consuming it, but then sh*t hits the fan in real life and you don’t feel like working on your goals anymore. So how do you find motivation intrinsically and get to work on your goals?! This is a motivation speech...

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How To Learn Anything FASTER

In 2021, I learned how to fly a plane, be the CEO of a company with 100+ employees, speak Hebrew, and reach level 1700 in chess. I’m not an expert on learning, but I’ve learned a thing or two about learning new skills and how to learn FAST. In this post, I’m going to share...

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How to Become A PRODUCTIVITY MASTER (& Never Be Lazy Again)

I quit my first job out of college at Intel after 14 months, then I was fired by Facebook after 9 months, and THEN I quit/was fired from Mint… and 24 business ideas later, I was finally able to build AppSumo — which has now become an 8-figure company. Maybe that resonates with you if...

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How to Use Slack: 19 Advanced Slack Tips You Need to Know

I ❤️ Slack. Our entire 50-person, 8-figure team at Sumo and AppSumo use the Slack app religiously. And so does my small team at OkDork. Slack helps us: Coordinate projects in real-time — much quicker than email Manage our to-dos easily Have a little fun (because business isn’t always serious, you know? 🌮🎉💪) And tons more... Whether you’re...

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My Smart Home Automation Setup Saves Me 40 Hours per Year

I just moved into a new place in Austin and have spent the past 2 months avoiding furniture. All I have is an optimized bed, pillows and a Eames chair. In the meantime, I've been optimizing my place for maximum automation. This makes my life so much more convenient and fun. No more running over...

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