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How to Grow Your Business to $1 Million — and Beyond

There’s a TON of information on the web about starting a business. That’s the easiest part. What about AFTER you get started? Growing a business is the real challenge of entrepreneurship. There are so many things that can go wrong, missteps you can take, and problems you can run into trying to grow a business:...

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Meet Andrew Chen: How to Be Successful in Silicon Valley

Andrew Chen is one of the most well-known and respected executives in Silicon Valley. His experience is a laundry list of keeping it 💯 Head of Rider Growth at Uber Investor and advisor to big-name tech companies like AngelList, Dropbox, and more Main advisor to Sumo and AppSumo F yeah, Andrew. And as a close friend of mine,...

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The Next Elon Musk — Meet John Arrow

What do you think is going to happen in the future? John Arrow — aka the next Elon Musk — thinks about the future EVERY day. As the cofounder of Mutual Mobile, John loves to experiment with crazy future technologies and “moonshots” to change the world. If you want to prepare yourself for future jobs,...

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How to Make a Podcast: Lessons from an NPR Producer

I’ve been marketing and building businesses for YEARS. But podcasting? I’m still a total newbie. Six months ago, I started Noah Kagan Presents and barely knew how to make a podcast. The audio was shit, the content was only OK, and I spoke way too damn fast. After releasing a couple episodes of my show,...

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How Aubrey Marcus Grew Onnit to $28 Million in Revenue

Aubrey Marcus is obsessed with reaching his highest potential. To help fuel his drive for optimizing performance, he founded Onnit — a nutritional supplements brand to help himself and others achieve peak performance in life and sports. Today, the company is doing more than $28 million in yearly revenue. Niiiiiiiiiiice. As he keeps running the...

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Breaking Rules with Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus

“There’s very little that’s off limits. You can steer me in whatever waters you want.” I know Aubrey Marcus likes to push the boundaries. When we talked, we had one of the most remarkable, enlightening conversations of my life. We discussed everything from open relationships and love... to managing ego and psychedelics. Aubrey’s goal is...

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