Podcast | OkDork.com - Part 3

Business Case Study: Growing Museum Hack Past $3 Million

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Today, I’m talking to a REAL podcast listener about their BIGGEST business challenge. I hear their challenge for the first time live, and then I give suggestions on how they can fix it. I’m calling it Noah’s Ark of Business, and the first episode is with Michael Alexis from Museum...

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The Winner of Netflix's The Final Table — Timothy Hollingsworth

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Today, I’m sharing a DIFFERENT type of entrepreneur. Instead of another tech guru you’ve heard a million times, I’m talking to Timothy Hollingsworth. Timothy went from zero to success — having recently run the world’s best restaurant with Thomas Keller, and winning Netflix’s show The Final Table. If you want to...

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My Favorite Productivity Hacks Ever

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts /  Spotify Today, I’m sharing 9 of my favorite productivity hacks. Here they are: Speeding up your mouse. If you’re going at half speed on your mousepad, you’re going at half speed on your day. Increase your mouse trackpad speed settings to the max. Bed optimization. A few strategies I use… Get...

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My Favorite Foods in 2019

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Overcast / Spotify Today I’m sharing my 7 new favorite snacks and foods. I’ve been REALLY enjoying these foods — including delicious chocolate, tasty tea, and a lot more. Plus, to hook you up, I convinced these companies to give you discount codes to try them. Here are my 7 new favorite...

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“My Father Had a Stroke” — with CEO of Oura Ring

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify   Harpreet Singh helped manage a $6 billion hedge… But he wasn’t happy. So he decided to take a risk. He jumped into a wearable technology startup — a job that came with less guarantees than his job at the hedge fund. The company was Oura Ring. Today, Oura Ring is called...

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100 Miles

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Overcast / Spotify A few weeks ago, I told myself I was going to bike 100 miles in one week. 🚴‍♂️ But as the week went on I got “busy” with personal and business stuff... and Sunday came around with only 60 miles recorded. That’s when I started rationalizing with myself......

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