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16 Leadership Activities (You Can Do Today)

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify In 2018, I took a trip to Israel to learn how to be a better leader. There were 50 other people there, including a vice president at Nike, people who have sold businesses, and more. I left the trip with 16 leadership activities that have stuck with me to...

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Work Rules by Laszlo Bock

When employees trust leadership, they become brand ambassadors. Make their CEo and board accessible to all employees. Accessible isn’t just “free” but balanced. Decisions manager at Google cannot make unilaterally: Whom to hire, Fire, how much of a salary increase, whom to promote. The problem is that you and I might define our “best people”...

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7 Books That Changed My Life & Business

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Books are literally the most affordable investment you can make in yourself. Having read over 1,000 books in my lifetime, I'm excited to share the 7 books that have had the biggest impact on my life and business. I’ll also be sharing actionable takeaways so you can implement them...

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The Four Seasons Approach (w/ Rob Hagelberg)

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify In today’s episode, I talk to Rob Hagelberg — General Manager of The Four Seasons in Austin, TX. Rob has been working at The Four Seasons since 1994. And over the last two decades, he’s learned what separates the good from the truly exceptional. I’ve dubbed this framework “The...

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Make $500k/Month Selling Premium Ice Baths (w/ Michael Garrett & Ryan Duey)

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify In today’s episode, I talk to Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey of TheColdPlunge.com. When COVID hit in March 2020, Michael and Ryan had to close their businesses. During that time, Michael noticed there wasn’t a sexy and affordable ice bath on the market. After lots of trial and error,...

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What I Learned Spending $15,000 on Therapy

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify In today’s episode, I talk about my experience spending over $15,000 on therapy in the last 10 years. I share everything I’ve learned in the process and answer all the questions you might have about it. If you’ve ever wanted to learn my 5 biggest lessons from years of...

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