Podcast | OkDork.com - Part 2

My Favorite Author - Robert Kurson interview

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Robert Kurson is one of my FAVORITE authors. He’s the author behind Shadow Divers and Rocket Men… And today, I’m talking with Robert on my podcast. We’re going to talk about 3 BIG things: How to tell great stories — in life, business, and in books How Robert validates his book ideas like...

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Case Study: How to Double Your Ecommerce Sales

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Ammon is a co-founder of ONE80. It was the world’s FIRST peripheral LED headlamp. Business was going great… But then, their idea got ripped off by other companies on Amazon. In today’s episode, I talk to Ammon about what he did when his business was ripped of by copycats. We’re...

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Behind the Scenes of Escape Rooms

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify One of my FAVORITE hobbies are escape rooms. You pay money to try to solve puzzles and escape the room in 60 minutes. It might sound weird, but these escape rooms have been VERY successful businesses. And today, I talked with Jonathan Murrell of The Escape Game. Jon turned a...

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Mid-Year Review

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Today we’re doing a mid-year check in on your goals. I’m going to share how I review, revise, and even remove some goals. If the year hasn’t been GREAT for you, this is your chance to finish the second half strong. Things I talk about: 2019 goals podcast. Use this...

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Phil Rosenthal BEST interview 2019 (creator Everybody Loves Raymond)

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify   Phil Rosenthal is the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond — and Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix. His Netflix show is one of my favorites right now. In today’s episode, I talk to Phil about 3 big things… How he went from a nobody to creating a SUPER popular TV show What...

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Taylor Doesn't Want to Quit His Job

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Taylor Schulte has a full-time job… But he REALLY wants to grow his passion project. The problem? His passion project makes zero dollars. In today’s episode, I talk to Taylor about how to turn his passion project into a REAL business. This is the second episode of my new series Noah’s...

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