Podcast | OkDork.com - Part 13

How to 2x Your Business This Year: Lessons from Buying 29 Companies

Lots of people dream about creating a business… but what about buying one? When it comes to startups, there are plenty of downsides: Tons of work — long hours, high stress, and starting from zero Low pay: Many founders are on the ramen noodles diet in the early years 80% rate of failure (all that...

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How to Overcome 190 Rejections and Change an Industry — Ben Mezrich

How do you make it big in a highly competitive industry? It’s not easy. Ben Mezrich failed 190 times before he succeeded. But today, Ben’s unconventional thinking has led to MASSIVE success. Here’s what Ben is famous for… Writing the book The Accidental Billionaire — which became The Social Network, one of the best movies of all-time...

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How YouTube's Top Earners Promote Their Content and Grow Their Audience

Have you ever put hours of work into something... and your results sucked? That’s how I used to feel with YouTube. I’d spend hours coming up with ideas, shooting content, and trying hard: Making funny intros to try and grab your attention Sharing insanely vulnerable + personal details Asking famous guests to join me on...

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How to get 100,000 YouTube subscribers by 2018

How to get YouTube subscribers has been one of the biggest questions in my business this year. I’m so focused that I set myself a goal: I want 100,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel by December 31st. But I can’t expect results if I'm making 💩. To reach my goal, I needed to step my game...

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How Sam Retired by 40

Financial Samurai started because of Sam Dogen's bad luck. In 2009, the financial world was falling apart… and Sam lost 50% of his net worth overnight. Sam wasn’t an idiot either. He: Spent 10 years working in the finance industry Got an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley Invested and saved aggressively He still got hit...

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How to Grow Your Business to $1 Million — and Beyond

There’s a TON of information on the web about starting a business. That’s the easiest part. What about AFTER you get started? Growing a business is the real challenge of entrepreneurship. There are so many things that can go wrong, missteps you can take, and problems you can run into trying to grow a business:...

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