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How to Turn Blog Posts into a Business — with Vanessa Van Edwards

Meet Vanessa Van Edwards. 👋 Vanessa is the charisma QUEEN. Recently, I talked with Vanessa about what it takes to be successful. In this post, you’ll learn how Vanessa completely skipped the corporate world and went from scraping by writing freelance blog articles… to hosting $25,000 in-person seminars. Specifically, you’ll learn: Why you should start practicing...

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How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in 2018 — plus a 15-Minute Challenge from Mike Posner

We run our days on autopilot: The daily commute to work (same roads every day) 🚗 Replying to a bunch of emails first thing in the morning 📥 Cooking the same dinners and watching the same stuff on TV every night 🍽 #yawn 💤 I get why we do it — it’s hard to step...

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Thank You Episode — and Answering Your Questions

I want to take a moment to say “thank you” to each and every one of you. 🙏 2017 has been an amazing year: I launched Noah Kagan Presents and it’s had 1,087,571 downloads (so far) My YouTube channel has grown to over 28,000 subscribers I took a trip to Israel to learn about my family and culture If...

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How to Create a Successful SaaS Business: Lessons from Building WebinarNinja

Last week, I had 4 fires to put out at Sumo in one day. 🔥 This isn’t that unusual… Everyone thinks being an entrepreneur is glamorous. But they don’t know… The nights and weekends sacrificed to build something The early stages full of struggle Dealing with crazy challenges every single day Don’t get me wrong...

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Crazy Life Stories from the CEO of an 8-Figure Company — with JT McCormick (Part 2)

What's YOUR #1 learning from this podcast episode? Leave a comment below. Growing up, JT had three options to get out of the hood: Rapper Actor Drug dealer Screw. That. 👎 JT didn’t want to follow the “conventional” path. He went with a fourth option... Business. 💰 Today, JT is an uber-successful entrepreneur. As the...

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How JT McCormick Went from Broke and Homeless to CEO of an 8-Figure Business

Please leave an iTunes review 😃 JT McCormick is the President and CEO Book in a Box, which is a quickly-growing startup co-founded by Tucker Max. When Tucker was thinking about hiring JT, here’s what Tucker said about his background checks: I’ll sum up what we found: he was even more of a baller than...

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