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I'm Feeling Grateful

A week ago I started an Austin Experiences business in 48 hours and generated $6k revenue. After it was all over, I was struck by how many great friends I have and how fortunate I am. (Of course, I’ve had my fair share of disappointments and have dealt with depression too.) Just thinking about all...

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Things I Learned in Cuba

Last week I secretly snuck into Cuba to celebrate a close friends 30th birthday. It was like traveling through a time machine back to the 1950s and I was shocked how many of the locals were excited that I was from Estados Unidos (United States for those non-Spanish speakers). I was fascinated by some things...

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My 2013 Goals

I’ve noticed two ways of living life, top down or bottom up. I’m 84% certain most of you have heard that phrase. There’s so much to be said for serendipity and the amazingness of life when you let things happen. The opposite of creating those experiences can be amazing as well. A great question is...

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Book Report: Teaching as a Subversive Activity by Neil Postman

I thought many people would enjoy reading my summary of Teaching as a Subversive Activity by Neil Postman. I got this book from Jared and must say it's one of my favorite books of all-time. I included a lot of details because there was so much juicy stuff from this. If you make it all...

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We Ran the Marathon!

It's over. 26.2 miles. Wow. I can barely walk and you were with me the whole time. It was funny. I was running and someone said it is nice you are running for all the people's names on your shirt. That made me feel good for about a second until I went back to being...

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Connecting with Others: What Have You Done for Me Lately?

This post is not what have you done for me but for everyone you deal with in your day. I like connecting with others. I like meeting people. There are others like me. The problem I am realizing is that when people try to connect with others it is very 1 sided. For example: Noah:...

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