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I am so lucky

Been asking people lately, “do you consider yourself lucky?” The answers are surprising and fascinating. It’s about 50 / 50 split. What I find more interesting is that more or less everyone is extremely lucky but they just may not recognize it. One friend can’t get a job and he feels he’s just really unlucky....

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Don’t Give Up — Keeping Hope In Tough Times

Yesterday was tough, not going to lie.  Some days my energy levels are great, others not so much.  I keep reminding myself to not give up and to stay hopeful.  Here are a few things I’ve found helpful:  Sleep.  Knowing that eventually, it will pass. Connecting with people (even seeing faces on Zoom).  Calling parents...

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Investment Thesis

I was SUPER overwhelmed with all this chaos recently.  So I planned out quiet time for me to think.  I then came up with my investment thesis which I will walk through today.  Original asset allocation:  60% cash 40% equities Steps I took in my Action Plan: Reduced equity allocation down to 30%  Split the...

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Business Opportunities — Winners & Losers

So there's going to be a lot of winners and losers out of all the things that are happening. And this is not to be negative, and I don't want anyone losing, but there are no participation trophies and paying your rent.  I want to talk about how you and I and hopefully everyone can...

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Recession Proof Business #1 — Supporting Small Business

Here’s a coffee shop story with the Coronavirus... A friend of ours runs a coffee shop. The world is told to stay indoors. How do you pay your rent, your employees, and sustain through this challenging time? Short answer… I don’t know. This is all unprecedented, and we’re going through struggles with everyone else. But...

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Promote Yourself

If you received an email from me, COMMENT below. (If not, subscribe here first and wait your turn!). I want to see what YOU are up to. This is a chance to (non) shamelessly promote YOURSELF! Post your business in the comments below and briefly describe it. ✍️ Read through the other posts and see if...

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