Noah's Musings | - Part 2

Favorites of 2018

Hope your 2018 has been great. Mine had some ups and downs… but I’m really excited for 2019! In 2 weeks, I’ll share how we plan for our businesses in 2019. Plus my personal goals. For now, I want to share my favorite things this year. And I want learn from you what you liked most…...

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Los Angeles

I recently moved to Los Angeles for 3 months. It’s been a dream to live near the beach and experience Southern California weather. Thought it’d be interesting to share what I’ve observed since being out here for a bit. Right away you notice the billboards… they’re ALL about entertainment. The newest movie, the latest TV...

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The friend questions

A few months ago I had dinner with my friends JR, Ben, and his girlfriend Deena. It started off as an ordinary dinner. We cooked some delicious ribs, macaroni-n-cheese, collard greens, and rice. We drank some nice Malbec wine. We skinny dipped in the pool. Yeah, another usual night. But then something happened... we all...

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how was your 2016?

Every year Warren Buffett writes a letter to shareholders. He does this for them but I'm guessing it's great for him to recognize his growth, reflect on what he's done that year and have a cool history to see how things have gone over the years. I've done the same with my life and strangely...

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Lifelong Learning — Why I Invested $60/Hr on Table Tennis

Growing up, I loved learning. I LOVED getting report cards, feeling accomplished, understanding that I was progressing towards some goal and getting recognized for it. On year 34 of my life, the only measurement I have of success is my bank account, some public attention and an internal barometer of accomplishment. Gone are the days...

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My Answers to Your Questions: From Business to Life Improvement

About 100 people subscribe to Okdork every day and they each get a welcome email that asks: "What is one thing I could write about that'd make your day better?" Since there are certain topics that come up over and over, I figured I'd go through YOUR most popular questions and answer them for you....

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