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A Short Post on How to Become Rich

The truth is, there’s no secret to getting rich. If you want to become rich, you’ve gotta learn how to do the simple things well — and then keep doing them consistently until they pay off. I always get asked how to become rich, so these are the 4 things I think you need to...

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Revealing My ENTIRE $2 Million Crypto Portfolio

So the other day, my friend Kenny texted me, Yo man, what’s going on with this crypto NFT stuff? What are you doing with it?? So I figured why not make a post about it and show you my exact crypto portfolio and why I bought these things! I know people are curious about crypto...

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How I Became a Bitcoin Millionaire

I am a bitcoin millionaire. How did I become a bitcoin millionaire? Mostly, I got lucky. I’m a bad investor — what I’m really good at is creating companies like AppSumo — but hopefully I can share my experiences and failures and successes around this Bitcoin stuff to help you on your own money journey....

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I am so lucky

Been asking people lately, “do you consider yourself lucky?” The answers are surprising and fascinating. It’s about 50 / 50 split. What I find more interesting is that more or less everyone is extremely lucky but they just may not recognize it. One friend can’t get a job and he feels he’s just really unlucky....

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Don’t Give Up — Keeping Hope In Tough Times

Yesterday was tough, not going to lie.  Some days my energy levels are great, others not so much.  I keep reminding myself to not give up and to stay hopeful.  Here are a few things I’ve found helpful:  Sleep.  Knowing that eventually, it will pass. Connecting with people (even seeing faces on Zoom).  Calling parents...

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Investment Thesis

I was SUPER overwhelmed with all this chaos recently.  So I planned out quiet time for me to think.  I then came up with my investment thesis which I will walk through today.  Original asset allocation:  60% cash 40% equities Steps I took in my Action Plan: Reduced equity allocation down to 30%  Split the...

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