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My Favorite Products of 2022

I love discovering new products. These are the BEST ones I tried out this year. Check ‘em out for yourself or take note for future birthday and holiday gifts. Plus, I included some of your recommendations AND a free one! My Favorite Products of 2022 🚴‍♂️ LMNT: Keeps me hydrated with no sugar, no artificial...

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My 2023 Goals

Creating New Year's goals is one of my FAVORITE things to do, because it sets my year up for success. After lots of trial and error, I’ve made a simple goal-setting system that works: #1: Pick a word. #2: Separate your goals into 5 categories. #3: Get an accountability buddy. This word I’m focusing on...

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When to Quit Your Job & Start Your Own Business

From ages 22 to 26, I was working day jobs. I worked at Intel, then at Facebook, and finally at I had some cool experiences, but overall I was mostly unhappy because I wanted to start my own business, sooooo…. I kept quitting early or getting fired. If I could go back in time...

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A Note on Worry by Adam Gilbert

I met my buddy Adam Gilbert back in 2006. He’s the founder of MyBodyTutor and got me into being consistent with my health and fitness. We’ve been accountability buddies for a long time, and today I wanted to share one of the messages he sent me recently. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since...

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Living in Austin, Texas on $1 Million A Year

My name’s Noah. I’m the founder of AppSumo and I live in Austin, Texas. In this post, I’m going to break down how I make and spend over $1 million dollars a year in the city of breakfast tacos. Let's dive in. Living on $1 Million A Year in Austin Texas Btw -- Sign up...

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Asking An NFT Expert How To Mint NFTs

People are making millions of dollars minting NFTs. GaryVee made $90 Million minting NFTs in 90 days, and Beeple’s auction made him $69 Million! However, these guys are talented entrepreneurs and artists with a huge social media following. But what if I told you people like you and me can do the same? I ask...

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