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How to Guarantee Success like the show House of Cards

Recently after returning from India I stumbled upon the show House of Cards. Hours later and after a few empty sparkling waters I was nearly finished with all 13 episodes. It got me thinking how the hell did they create such a bad ass show… If you were going to spend $100 million making a...

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How to Hire a Great Marketing Person

I got this question asked and figured others might be curious on how I do it. The challenge about marketing output is that it's not always numbers based and the ROI isn't immediate. With that being said I think it can be and here's how I would solve how to find and how to know...

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Daily Accountability Marketing Metrics

What is this form? It is the form your employees will love to hate. I know I did. It makes people accountable? Shit, you mean I have to do that work? Yea. Anyway, this is a form I started using and try to give to everyone I work with. My motto is you must track...

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Mint Sales and Marketing: How Mint Beat Wesabe

I recently had an article sent to be me about why Wesabe lost and a few people asked me for a response since I was #4 at Mint. Here's an inside look at Mint's sales and marketing and success. I initially saw Mint with Aaron Patzer and Dave McClure in November/December of 2006. Instantly, I...

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6 Tips for Reducing Email Unsubscribes

Email unSometimes I wonder about sharing my secrets since it makes competition harder but then it pushes me to just think of something new. (I've shared on Okdork too about how to get more subscribers.) On my way to breakfast I just had to get these out. These are some of the best email marketing...

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Original Landing Pages

I was browsing my old files and came across these original landing pages Jason and I worked on to start getting users pre-launch. The purpose of these pages was to collect users pre-launch and also test different marketing messages to see which were the most effective in converting users. You can see the rest here:...

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