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#1 on Amazon: An Ebook Marketing Guide for Self Publishers

It’s no secret that ebooks have taken over the world thanks to Kindle and the iPad. In fact, I am turning my story about being fired from Facebook into my own little eBook. Recently, Scott Britton sent me an email with 3 tactics for successfully promoting an eBook on Amazon. All of the tips were...

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Blogging Tips: How to 10x Your Blog With Data-Driven Insights

A few months ago I saw this goofy looking kid getting his articles ranked high on two of my favorite marketing sites and Growthhackers. His name was Nate Desmond and what he was writing about was extremely impressive. Funny enough on his site was a link to hire him, I did part-time. Since then...

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How to Create Viral Content: 10 Insights from 100 Million Articles

A while back, someone sent me a link to the BuzzSumo website. With a name that includes “Sumo,” I knew it was love at first sight. And the love has lasted. Years later, I still use BuzzSumo regularly. It’s a gold mine of data for analyzing content’s popularity, social growth, and more. #chaching. Because I’m...

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SEO for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to 200% More Traffic

When I was director of marketing at one of the largest ways we grew to millions of users was via Google. Specifically via people searching for relevant terms and clicking through to our site. Over the years SEO (search engine optimization), or the art of getting higher results on Google, has changed significantly. A...

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How to Sell on Craigslist by Writing Convincing Ads

How was your weekend? Before I tell you a bit about mine and my semi-viral Craiglist ad, I want to let you know that TODAY I am doing a live AMA from 11:30am EST to 1pm EST at If you've ever wanted to ask me a marketing question (or my favorite kind of taco?)...

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List Building: How to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

You ever have one of those friends or acquaintances who you just know will succeed? Bryan Harris is one of those people for me. This guy does not stop. He was an early member of our previous course Monthly1K and has gone on to be a complete beast creating content, successfully growing his business, and...

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