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How to Scale a Business (Tips from an 8-Figure Company)

Today I’m going to show you exactly how I run an 8-figure company.  This business stuff takes time.  We’ve tested TONS of things over the years.  The majority of things don’t work. 🙁  BUT a few things work great.  So we learn, then do more of what works best.  Here are my top takeaways for...

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Jobs of The Future

Yesterday’s jobs are quickly disappearing. Many employers have implemented layoffs, furloughs, hiring freezes or all of the above.  The bottom line is that yesterday’s jobs are disappearing.  BUT there are two sides to that coin...  This also means that tomorrow’s jobs are being created TODAY.  Here’s my list of top NEW jobs for 2020 and...

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How To Create an Email Newsletter

Ben Kenyon is the performance coach for the Portland Trail Blazers NBA basketball team.  He's also CEO and Founder of Great Day Squad.  Today I’m helping him set up and GROW his email list.  First, a few key questions to get Ben started.. #1 What is the UNIQUE angle? NBA performance coach #2 What is...

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Humbling — Experiences During Coronavirus

The coronavirus doesn’t care how rich you are..  Or how many social followers you have.. Certain events in life give us PERSPECTIVE.  This is one of them. We are experiencing a unique time period right now. That means two things.  The playing field is equal. Think how you can use this period as an opportunity...

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Best Small Business Loans (EIDL vs. PPP)

There’s all this talk about stimulus packages and business loans, but… Where do I even start to understand this stuff? My tiny brain can only handle so much. I like it when things are SIMPLE.  So I hit up my friend David Hauser to help explain all this loan jargon.  David sold his company for...

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How to Start a Business From Scratch

I’ve been BIG into brainstorming new business ideas to help people right now.. Few examples:  15+ Recession Proof Business Ideas Ultimate Guide to Recession Proof Business — 11 Ways to Start Now  Best Side Hustles — 23 Ways to Make Money Immediately  Blah, blah, blah… You get the point.  Then I realized, I should stop...

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