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A Short Post on Upleveling Your Marketing

There’s a lot of marketing tips out there—and some of them work. But sometimes, they’re just noise. I’ve spent DECADES of my life marketing different products and businesses, and these are 4 key marketing tips that work pretty universally across them all. If you can do these 4 things really well, your business will be...

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Marketing 101: The 5 Marketing Tips I Used to Build an 8-Figure Business

I've had a lot of amazing marketing experiences in my career — being #30 at Facebook, helping Facebook scale to over 50 million users, helping grow from 0 to over a million users as a Director of Marketing — and I've also created an eight-figure business with millions of customers at AppSumo. In this...

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How I Spent $222,038 to Grow My YouTube Channel

In March 2020, I had 47,000 subscribers. A year later, I had over 250,000. If you’re wondering how to grow your YouTube channel, stick around. I’m going to tell you everything I did to 5x my subscribers in just over one year. After 9 years of being on YouTube I decided to go all in,...

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How MrBeast Makes $50,000,000 a Year From YouTube

MrBeast is only 23 years old but he’s created a YouTube empire. He has 90 million subscribers and over 14 billion views — so you’ve probably already seen a MrBeast video. But if you haven’t, you need to know that MrBeast is known for giving away a lot of money… Like, A LOT. So how...

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How Ali Abdaal Gained 1,300,000 Subscribers While in Med School

Over the last few years, Ali Abdaal has been doing YouTube as a side hustle, while working as a full-time doctor. He finally quit his day job when he hit 1 million subscribers on his channel. But how did Ali manage to grow a YouTube channel to 1M when it was just a side project?...

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Podcasting 101: Grow a Small Podcast (Without Buying Ads)

Growing a podcast is really hard. I’ve been doing Noah Kagan Presents since 2017. A few years later, with nearly 2 million downloads, we’ve figured out a few things about what works and what doesn’t.  Here is how to start and grow a podcast. Set a Goal  Pick a target for yourself within the year. ...

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