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Stash Your Cash (20 Month Plan)

There is a lot going on right now.  Today I am breaking down a few concepts and outline how we are thinking through each.  First is the “Domino Effect” which we are starting to see right now and will continue to experience.  The domino effect:  Starts with restaurants or businesses closing Then effects rent and...

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Business NOT as Usual in 2020

Written by Chad Boyda and Noah Kagan. Society has changed forever. Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters closed completely. No restaurants or bars open for the next 40+ days in Austin, TX… and around the globe. Tons of layoffs. Businesses are — and will be — struggling. Food shortages and long lines at nearly all supermarkets. Lots of...

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5 Tips to Get 195,000 YouTube Views per Month

A few years back, my friend Brian Dean from Backlinko created his YouTube channel. He assumed he could just post in-depth videos and the results would magically happen... But the results never came. Despite hours of hard work, Brian’s video views and subscribers barely budged. So Brian started to experiment: Trying different styles of titles Testing different...

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How I Used Viral Giveaways and KingSumo to Triple My Email List

Note: This is a guest post from Sam, the founder of Money Nest — a personal finance blog for millennials in the U.K. to make better financial decisions. Having followed Noah for years, I knew one thing... If you want more customers, then email is the BEST marketing channel. To grow my business, I wanted to get...

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How MeetEdgar Grew to $4 Million a Year with Proper Goal Setting

Most team planning is a mess: Bunch of meetings to discuss company and team goals Talk in circles about goal ideas, barely make any progress Weeks go by and you still have no idea — so you panic and pick a last-minute goal The result reflects the process: Bad goals which lead to a stagnating...

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8 Google Sheets Tips to Grow & Automate Your Business

In startups, EVERYONE uses Google Sheets: Marketers track goals and results for campaigns SEO experts perform keyword and backlink research Content producers manage an editorial calendar And tons more... But the best of the best use Google Sheets differently than most. The experts use Sheets to automate their work. To help you take your Google...

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