Growing a Business | - Part 3

Review Of "Secrets of Closing the Sale" and Zig Ziglar's Sales Closing Techniques

For my latest read, I've went ahead and picked up Zig Ziglar's book Secrets of Closing the Sale (audiobook available). Zig covers how to persuade people into saying "Yes!" when you ask them to, which is much-needed information to anyone doing sales or anything near sales. There's a lot of great stuff in there. Very...

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Consistency in Business

In my 20’s, I did not live in one place more than 1 year. I lived on couches for a year and did not rent my first apartment until I was 30. Yes, I did live in my Aunt’s basement for a year and my Mom’s house for a year post-college. Thanks Mom and Rhonda!...

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The 40+ Business Tools I Use to Run My 8+ Figure Business

A few weeks ago, I visited some family friends and they asked me what tools I use for my personal life, home and business. Figured it’d be fun to share. Here goes: Online Services - Way to mass send personalized emails - Best way to never forget to follow up with someone. SendGrid...

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Top Talent Acquisition: 4 Steps to Hiring the Best Talent in the World

It’s hard to hire great people. Millions of employers say that every time they need to hire someone new. Recruiting the best people to work with is just like dating: all the best ones are taken! The best employees are already working somewhere! If you are in a committed relationship how hard would it be...

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How to Get Clients: A Freelancer's Guide to Growing Your Business

[This is a delicious guest post by Paul Jarvis. --Noah] Most freelancers start out their business like this: They get great at what they do. They build a website that talks about their expertise They set up their social media profiles and start promoting at people. They wait for clients to come to them. When...

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What It's Like to Hang with Millionaires

A few weeks ago I was in Russia to speak at a conference. I spent a lot of time with a really impressive group of guys. I've joked in the past that I am "moderately rich". These guys were much richer than me. It was a fun and interesting experience and I thought I would...

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