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The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer

This book was confusing and powerful at the same time. On one hand this guy led an incredible life like Forest Gump just being open to things in life but on the other hand its not clear what he did not surrender too. How he went from sitting on a couch noticing voices in his...

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The Saint, Surfer, and CEO by Robin S. Sharma

This morning I woke up in Moab Utah and realized I didn’t have to drive into my cubicle at Intel in Santa Clara, Ca. I felt sympathy for everyone who has to wake up on Monday knowing they have to do work they aren’t interested in. We are here too short on this Earth to...

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Maverick by Ricardo Semler

Maverick by Ricardo Semler is the basis for AppSumo has been able to reach 8-figures in revenue. KEY messages from this book: Hire adults and leave them the f*ck alone. No bosses. If you EVER tell someone what to do, it’s over. The BEST people want to make their own decisions. Get out of their way...

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Getting to “I Do” by Patricia Allen

Many relationship books sound the same or the advice is easy to read but hard to put in practice. This book Getting to “I Do” by Patricia Allen was different. Here’s 3 major themes that stuck out for me: 1. No sex without commitment. You don’t really hear about this too often. 2. Know your...

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AI SuperPowers by Kai-Fu Lee

The ending of this book was one of the best I’ve ever read. It was Kai-Fu’s realization that AI isn’t AS important as his loved ones. Giving and receiving love. This was powerful! It sparked when he got cancer and had to reflect what really matters most. He turned himself into an algorithm over his...

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Return to the Little Kingdom by Michael Moritz

I love reading old books you don’t see in lists. Even better when they are about one of the largest companies in the world AND they are written by one of the best known Venture Capitalists in the world. Studying the best and biggest help us pick up gems and nuggets we can use in...

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