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No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings

No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer was one of the best business books I’ve read this decade. Most books have generic advice and aren’t based on hugely successful plus dynamic companies. This is an amazing inside view at one of the most successful companies with clear / actionable strategies to win. Since...

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Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks

This was a good book, not great. Definitely nuggets in here that I’ll share below. My main interest in Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks was how to craft stories to make my YouTube videos strong. It’s well written and enjoyable to read but more focused on public speaking. How to find great stories to tell Homework...

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The Unplugged Alpha by Richard Cooper

There’s a ton of dating or male improvement books out there. Not many speak as candidly and fresh as The Unplugged Alpha. You’re either gonna love or hate this book. There’s no in between and Richard wants it that way. There were many amazing insights to take from it: Never forget: Women break rules for...

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goodbye, things by fume sasaki

I love reading minimalism books. Always inspires me to get rid of all my stuff, rethink in my work whats really most important and a nice life reset. Goodbye, things by Fume Sasaki was similar to Marie Kondo but a great refresher on minimalism. A few key takeaways and action items plus some commentary from...

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Good to Great by Jim Collins

Good to Great by Jim Collins is one of those books you always hear about and maybe if you’re an MBA you have read. I finally opened it up and was mostly pleased. It led to 1-2 insights that I already knew but was a healthy reminder. People make ALL the difference. Figure out what...

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The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer

This book was confusing and powerful at the same time. On one hand this guy led an incredible life like Forest Gump just being open to things in life but on the other hand its not clear what he did not surrender too. How he went from sitting on a couch noticing voices in his...

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