Noah Kagan

The Corporation of One

I think many people don't realize this including myself but everything starts from somewhere. An individual Dell started from a dorm room with Michael Dell wanting more from computers. IBM was created by Thomas Watson wanting to make calculating more easily. Google was started after two Phd students want a better ranking of information. Hewlett-Packard...

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Interview with Barry Schwartz author Paradox of Choice

I loved Paradox of Choice so much I decided to contact Barry Schwartz and hear more about choices. Here is what we talked about: Where did you go to school? undergrad nyu majoring in psychology and philosophy grad penn: phd psychology : interestsĀ in skinnearian & animal learning. How did you choose NYU for undergrad? nyu...

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The Ultimate List of Eponyms Examples: Brands that OWN the Market

There are so many products where the name of it is what the market calls it. You know like when you say I want a Kleenex. You actually want a Tissue but Kimberly-Clark did a great job getting us to call it Kleenex instead. Here's a list of eponyms and examples of eponyms. This list...

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Marketing Research Tip:Airports, Libraries and The Apple Store

Right now, I am waiting in the Jeju airport to fly back to Seoul. Fortunately, they have internet terminals that are free to use. One quick idea if you are interested in learning more about popular culture and what is hot on the web: Check out the history section on the web browsers at public...

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The Guide to Avoiding Small Talk

How many times have you been to a party and someone asks: "What do you do?" "Where are you from?" "Oh, how do you know them?" So I give you the 10 tips to avoid small talk with people and get an interesting conversation: 1- Read. How to Win Friends and Influence People, Never Eat...

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It's all in the Details

I went to this great Vietnamese fusion restaurant for business 2 weeks ago and something occurred to me in the bathroom. It is all about the details. In many restaurants fancy or not there is so much emphasis on the menu, atmosphere, employees and other things. What about the bathroom? It is something that everyone...

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