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When to Quit Your Job & Start Your Own Business

From ages 22 to 26, I was working day jobs. I worked at Intel, then at Facebook, and finally at I had some cool experiences, but overall I was mostly unhappy because I wanted to start my own business, sooooo…. I kept quitting early or getting fired. If I could go back in time...

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Mattress Mack Net Worth: The Furniture Salesman Who Built a $200 Million/Year Empire

Jim McIngvale, also known as Mattress Mack, is a 71-year-old Houston-based entrepreneur with a net worth of $300 million. Besides being well-known for his philanthropy (he does a bunch of things around the Houston area to give back to people in need) he’s well-known for making INSANE million-dollar bets on various sports games. You might...

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Jake Paul Net Worth: How Does He Make His Millions?

Believe it or not, but Jake Paul’s net worth is around $100 million dollars. This may seem like a surprisingly high amount for the YouTuber turned boxer turned businessman, but this kid’s got a lot on the go. After winning major prize money from fights last year (around $40 million dollars) and including his YouTube...

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The Psychology of Money Book: Key Takeaways from a CEO

Some books should be required reading, and The Psychology of Money book by Morgan Housel is one of them. When I worked at, I was surprised how many people didn’t know how to manage money. It’s super common, and it’s super avoidable. A lot of people think it takes TONS of mental effort and...

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MrBeast Net Worth: How He Makes So Much Money

Due to MrBeast's massive growth, he has become one of the most popular YouTube personalities in the world. Today, MrBeast’s net worth is estimated at $56 million dollars. But how did he do it? He went from a broke college student with no YouTube subscribers to where he is now in just a few years....

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The Big Five for Life Book Review (My Key Takeaways)

Some books just make you think differently about life… The Big Five for Life is one of them. John Strelecky wrote this book about a fictional businessman who is dying and sharing the lessons he lived his life by. Depending on how you read the book, it could give you business advice that helps you...

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