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Bill Gates Net Worth: How He Makes Billions (Not ALL From Microsoft)

Bill Gates net worth is $107 billion dollars as of 2023, and even though it fluctuates depending on how certain stocks perform, he’s still one of the RICHEST people alive. When I was 21, I went to Bill Gates’s house (and I peed in his bathroom. True story). It was INSANE (his house was—not peeing...

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23 Profitable Recession-Proof Business Ideas

Starting a business during a recession might seem like the WORST possible idea. But that's exactly how everyone else feels. So not only is there less competition for new businesses right now, but some sectors can even thrive since others are trying to just save cash. I put together a list of 23 recession-proof business...

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My Favorite Products of 2022

I love discovering new products. These are the BEST ones I tried out this year. Check ‘em out for yourself or take note for future birthday and holiday gifts. Plus, I included some of your recommendations AND a free one! My Favorite Products of 2022 🚴‍♂️ LMNT: Keeps me hydrated with no sugar, no artificial...

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My 2023 Goals

Creating New Year's goals is one of my FAVORITE things to do, because it sets my year up for success. After lots of trial and error, I’ve made a simple goal-setting system that works: #1: Pick a word. #2: Separate your goals into 5 categories. #3: Get an accountability buddy. This word I’m focusing on...

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Jeff Bezos Net Worth: How He Makes Billions (Not ALL From Amazon)

Jeff Bezos’ net worth is around $114 billion dollars right now, which isn’t the highest net worth he’s ever had. In previous years, Jeff Bezos has had a net worth of $150 billion, or even $200 billion! But since a lot of his net worth is tied up in his companies, it rises and falls...

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When to Quit Your Job & Start Your Own Business

From ages 22 to 26, I was working day jobs. I worked at Intel, then at Facebook, and finally at I had some cool experiences, but overall I was mostly unhappy because I wanted to start my own business, sooooo…. I kept quitting early or getting fired. If I could go back in time...

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