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Stash Your Cash (20 Month Plan)

There is a lot going on right now.  Today I am breaking down a few concepts and outline how we are thinking through each.  First is the “Domino Effect” which we are starting to see right now and will continue to experience.  The domino effect:  Starts with restaurants or businesses closing Then effects rent and...

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Business Opportunities — Winners & Losers

So there's going to be a lot of winners and losers out of all the things that are happening. And this is not to be negative, and I don't want anyone losing, but there are no participation trophies and paying your rent.  I want to talk about how you and I and hopefully everyone can...

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Promote Yourself

If you received an email from me, COMMENT below. (If not, subscribe here first and wait your turn!). I want to see what YOU are up to. This is a chance to (non) shamelessly promote YOURSELF! Post your business in the comments below and briefly describe it. ✍️ Read through the other posts and see if...

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My Review of Sheepdog Response Class with Tim Kennedy

What do you do when you’re afraid to be home alone? A friend I know whose name rhymes with “Hoah” is scared to be home alone sometimes. So late one night, I… errr… this friend… Instagram DMs a total badass named Tim Kennedy — a former UFC fighter, army ranger, carnivore, killer of numerous people among...

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Ryan Holiday — Bestselling Author and Business Builder

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Ryan Holiday is a bestselling author, marketer and entrepreneur. His most recent book launch, Stillness is the Key, was his BIGGEST one yet. He went on all the podcasts and literally traveled the world doing promotions.  I’ve known Ryan for several years and as his friend, I asked him NEW...

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31 Giveaways for 31 Days

Enter my giveaway above. If you don’t see a signup module, disable your ad block or load this page incognito. To celebrate the new decade, we're doing 31 days of giveaways to kick off 2020 — so you can win some of my favorite products... and get great discounts (highlighted below) even if you don’t...

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