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11 Business Pivots (For Coronavirus)

No question that many businesses are struggling right now.  Some of these companies are completely changing and evolving their business model to survive. Here are 11 examples of companies pivoting to stay in business during coronavirus.  #1 Museum Hack   Team Building Activities #2 Photo booth company Keep Your City Smiling gift boxes #3 Donut Shop ...

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Investment Thesis

I was SUPER overwhelmed with all this chaos recently.  So I planned out quiet time for me to think.  I then came up with my investment thesis which I will walk through today.  Original asset allocation:  60% cash 40% equities Steps I took in my Action Plan: Reduced equity allocation down to 30%  Split the...

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Staying Positive — 12 Great Things Because of Coronavirus

No way around it, times are tough right now.  People are losing jobs, businesses cutting costs, some going under.  BUT.. There's also a TON to be grateful for during challenging times.  I shared a doc with some coworkers and we quickly came up with this list of 12 GREAT things to appreciate right now.  Hangouts....

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Recession Proof Business Strategies

Today I am breaking down OFFENSE vs. DEFENSE.  We all need to be doing both to recession proof our businesses and ourselves.  First set up a foundation.  Setup financials so you’re not worried about it (I’m 75% cash, 25% equities). Cut bills. Keep routine and structure. (Pushups, keep health/fitness) Create a mood board. Check in...

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12 Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Recession Proof

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify     Here are 12 tips to recession proof your ecommerce business.  #1 Make a "30-5” plan.  Assume 30% revenue dip immediately but still make 5% profit Go aggressive on defense by cutting all bills back (cut subscriptions, see AppSumo) #2 Get creative with excess inventory.  Drop it on ...

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15+ Recession Proof Business Ideas During Coronavirus

With limitations... Comes CREATIVITY.  Today I’m brainstorming different business opportunities to help your creative juices.  Here are 20+ business ideas and opportunities during coronavirus.  #1 Board Games.   Trekking The World did almost $100k in revenue in a week. Everyone is stuck at home. Great time to create activities for your friends and the world....

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