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The Second Mountain (Book Review)

I just read The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life by David Brooks. The author explains how life's defined by two mountains. The first mountain is about tackling our personal goals. The second mountain is when we start looking beyond ourselves and start serving others. It also mentions four commitments that define a...

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How to Start a Business From Scratch

I’ve been BIG into brainstorming new business ideas to help people right now.. Few examples:  15+ Recession Proof Business Ideas Ultimate Guide to Recession Proof Business — 11 Ways to Start Now  Best Side Hustles — 23 Ways to Make Money Immediately  Blah, blah, blah… You get the point.  Then I realized, I should stop...

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Best Side Hustles — 23 Ways to Make Money Immediately

Times are challenging right now. But there are always ways to get creative and make money.  The MOST IMPORTANT thing… is to get busy right now.  You will find a way.  Free tools you can use: Sell your knowledge — Gumroad / Teachable / Skillshare  Build community — Sendfox Sell online — Shopify (90 days...

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Best Zoom Tips — How to Run a Non-Sucky Live Webinar

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify     Today I am sharing my top 10 tips to run a non-sucky webinar / Zoom presentation.  #1 Open Strong. Have some funny unique openings. Everyone says oh where are you from. BORING. Recently I’ve used: What is your mood 1-5 (5 being the best day ever). Tell me...

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Business Finance Professor — Teaching Markets and Valuation Tips

Aswath Damodaran, known as the ‘Dean of Valuation’ is a professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University. He teaches corporate finance and equity valuation.  He has an MBA and Ph.D. and has written financial books as well as featured articles in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and...

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Don’t Give Up — Keeping Hope In Tough Times

Yesterday was tough, not going to lie.  Some days my energy levels are great, others not so much.  I keep reminding myself to not give up and to stay hopeful.  Here are a few things I’ve found helpful:  Sleep.  Knowing that eventually, it will pass. Connecting with people (even seeing faces on Zoom).  Calling parents...

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