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Tony Schwartz — Author of My Favorite Productivity Book

Today I’m speaking with the author of one of my FAVORITE books of all time.  Tony Schwartz is the author of The Power of Full Engagement.  He also is the founder and CEO of The Energy Project.  The company developed a scientific-based approach to energizing people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for sustainable, peak performance. ...

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Gumroad Founder — How to Sell Digital Products

This week I caught up with Sahil Lavingia. Sahil is the founder of Gumroad, was employee #2 at Pinterest, is a painter, and writes dope tweets. Through the Gumroad community, Sahil interacts with a LOT of creators. I asked him how people that are unemployed can stand out in the job search, and how new...

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Tim Kennedy — The Perfect Man

  Tim Kennedy is NOT HUMAN.  A former Green Beret, Special Forces, Sniper and top 5 UFC middleweight fighter... The list goes on — he’s a baaad mutha.  If that's not enough, he ALSO is an established entrepreneur who’s created multiple companies. He constantly is learning and maximizing.  It’s honestly super inspiring.  He founded and...

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How to Grow a YouTube Channel

At first I had NO CLUE what I was doing on YouTube. Then I found some friends who are legit YouTube EXPERTS (e.g. Nick Nimmin a YouTube Certified Pro and TechLead who I worked with at Facebook). And I copied everything they said. 🙂 Today I am sharing these tips with my friend Neville to...

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Create an Online Course (LIVE Example)

My assistant Jamie wants to start an online course. Specifically she wants to build an online business teaching others how to be a virtual assistant.  She’s been thinking of doing this for a while, but finally ready to TAKE ACTION.  Over the past months she’s just put her course ideas into a Google doc.  Today...

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How to Scale a Business (Tips from an 8-Figure Company)

Today I’m going to show you exactly how I run an 8-figure company.  This business stuff takes time.  We’ve tested TONS of things over the years.  The majority of things don’t work. 🙁  BUT a few things work great.  So we learn, then do more of what works best.  Here are my top takeaways for...

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