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Notes To Myself

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Recently, I came up with 7 themes and daily reminders for myself. These self-analysis exercises have improved MY life… and I think they can improve YOURS too. Block out 20 minutes today to listen to this episode. These strategies can be implemented immediately. Here are the 7 themes and daily...

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Influencer Marketing — CEO Who Partnered With Rob Gronkowski & Floyd Mayweather

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Brand ambassador marketing turns famous people into your sales team… Cha-ching! But do these celebrities really help you get more customers? I wanted to talk to someone who’s ACTUALLY had brand ambassadors — and done influencer marketing. So I talked to Josh Snow from Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening. Josh is...

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Early Amazon Employee’s New BIG Thing for Home Security

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify     David Selinger is a super impressive dude. He… Was an early employee at Amazon — working under Jeff Bezos Co-founded Redfin (now a $2.4 billion company) And is now inventing the next BIG thing in home security Dave’s latest company, Deep Sentinel, provides 24/7 guards that monitor your home and...

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Building an Ecommerce Company

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies are popping up everywhere… And Keto diets are one of the HOTTEST places out there to create CPG products. So it’s a match made in heaven. ❤️ Today I talk to my friend Sean, the co-founder of MCTco — one of my favorite keto snack bars on...

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Future of Marketing - Top Marketing Strategies for 2020

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify One of the BIGGEST reasons we’ve grown multiple 7-figure companies… Is because of our marketing experiments. With all our brands — we test new marketing strategies nonstop. For example, I was one of the early adopters of long LinkedIn posts. And we averaged 10x the clicks from a LinkedIn post...

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RoastMaster General Jeff Ross — Roasted Me

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Jeff Ross aka RoastMaster General is a comedian who’s been featured on Comedy Central, Netflix, and more. He’s made a career “roasting” people… and he recently roasted ME. Jeff was in Austin to kick off his Bumping Mics tour with Dave Attell — and we recorded this episode the night before in...

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