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Recession Proof

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify These are UNPRECEDENTED times. Things are bad, and we’re not sure when they’re getting better. So what are we supposed to do about it? Here are a few ways I’m thinking about being “recession proof” if things keep getting bad... Prepare Financially Pick a strategy and actively review it Get...

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Business NOT as Usual in 2020

Written by Chad Boyda and Noah Kagan. Society has changed forever. Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters closed completely. No restaurants or bars open for the next 40+ days in Austin, TX… and around the globe. Tons of layoffs. Businesses are — and will be — struggling. Food shortages and long lines at nearly all supermarkets. Lots of...

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Recession Proof Business #1 — Supporting Small Business

Here’s a coffee shop story with the Coronavirus... A friend of ours runs a coffee shop. The world is told to stay indoors. How do you pay your rent, your employees, and sustain through this challenging time? Short answer… I don’t know. This is all unprecedented, and we’re going through struggles with everyone else. But...

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“Aha” Business Moments

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Phi Kelnhofer runs sweetphi.com — a 6-figure food blog business from her home. But it didn’t happen overnight. Phi was blogging for years before making a single dollar online. And she was really bad about setting goals. But she managed to make the transition into a mompreneur, and turning her side hustle...

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Divorce Attorney Tells ALL 💸

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify     Prenups can be an important part of preparing for marriage… But it’s also a SUPER sensitive topic. I know because I’m learning and planning a prenup now. In today’s conversation, I talk to a top divorce attorney about WHY and HOW to plan a prenup. But that’s not...

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Notes To Myself

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Recently, I came up with 7 themes and daily reminders for myself. These self-analysis exercises have improved MY life… and I think they can improve YOURS too. Block out 20 minutes today to listen to this episode. These strategies can be implemented immediately. Here are the 7 themes and daily...

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