November, 2013 |

The Difference: Successful People and Losers

A few months ago, members from our course came in-person to a workshop I held in Seattle. We drank whiskey, cried, and reviewed each person’s business. Everyone was challenged as we spent over 4 hours working businesses like: freelance designer, hangover pills, web hosting and more. After the workshop, I looked at Anton (Biz-Dev Sumo)...

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The WordPress Plugin that DOUBLED My Conversions

If you haven’t visited the homepage of in a while, take a look. A clean, minimalist landing page, and a picture of my sexy Jewish fro. The WordPress plugin behind the look has DOUBLED the sign-ups/conversions for the Okdork blog. Now for every 100 visitors to Okdork 14 sign up for my email list. It automagically creates...

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How to Create a Happiness Advantage

Okdork Readers: This is a guest post by my close friend Adam Gilbert. Adam is the Founder of MyBodyTutor, a service he created 7 years ago to help people eat better, lose weight and get in amazing shape. I’m a client and I can’t recommend his service enough. Adam has helped me to change the...

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