April, 2013 | OkDork.com

How to Earn More Money: By Asking

In 2013 I was graciously invited to speak in Australia. They offered to cover flights and hotels. I generally don’t ask for speakers fees cause I love sharing my stories and working with people. And I have and know how to organize conferences so I know there are always more costs than expected. …But traveling costs...

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6 Steps to Writing Great Cold Emails

I get about 2 emails a day asking for coffee or advice. Lately, I've been deleting them because no one takes even a minute to write a well crafted email. I used to feel guilty but I figure since the person is being selfish, I can be as well. I've written before about "What have you done for...

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How to Sell Anything

Recently my good friend Adam from MyBodyTutor.com was in town and I was blown away by how bad he is at sales. To give him credit, his service is outstanding (I'm a customer) and it's extremely impressive how he's created a profitable business. Okay, back to bashing him. So I spent the weekend explaining how...

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