November, 2012 |

Think and Grow Rich: Quotes & Book Review

I just read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. A really powerful book on setting your intention and the power of your subconscious. The key things from this book for me: When you really know what you want, set a plan to accomplish. Let nothing stop you and you will be successful. Pick a...

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My 2013 Goals

I’ve noticed two ways of living life, top down or bottom up. I’m 84% certain most of you have heard that phrase. There’s so much to be said for serendipity and the amazingness of life when you let things happen. The opposite of creating those experiences can be amazing as well. A great question is...

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The Power of Habit Book Review

I'm trying something new out. I read about a book a week, I write a book report from every book I read (that I selfishly save to my hard drive). I figured it may be helpful to share them with others. This year I've formed a fair amount of new habits: morning situp / pushups,...

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