October, 2012 | OkDork.com

How to Make a Great Day

How's Your day? How many times have you gotten that question? 100. 1,000. More like 10,000+ Most people answer, "fine," "okay," "boring," "meh." The more truthful you are with others the better relationship you will be able to form. It got me thinking what are the elements of a Great day. If you knew what...

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36 ways to Deal with Depression

I was hanging with my uncle Kenny at a Mexican restaurant (obviously) a month ago in San Diego and we started talking about smoothie recipes. It dawned on me at that moment how grateful I was to be alive. There were so many more smoothie recipes to make the next day and I had something...

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Make it Easy to Say Yes

I got cheated when I was born with a name like No----ah. People are already thinking NO every time they say my name. #thanksmom But what about the other things in life that you want. What I want to share is how to get to the Yes-ah and ultimately get what You want. ------ Have...

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