How to Sell Anything

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Recently my good friend Adam from was in town and I was blown away by how bad he is at sales.

To give him credit, his service is outstanding (I’m a customer) and it’s extremely impressive how he’s created a profitable business.

Okay, back to bashing him.

So I spent the weekend explaining how he sells his product completely wrong and teaching him how to sell it the right way.

The easiest way to break it down was that he is speaking French to potential customers who only know Italian.

What makes me qualified to help him?

  • Over $30,000,000 in sales in my past 2 companies
  • 1.5 years of being the top salesperson at OfficeMax
  • Sold over $50,000 of discount cards in 2 years
  • Jewish
  • My dad was a salesman (fortunately my step-dad is an engineer)
  • etc etc

So I know a thing or two about sales.

I broke down the core concepts for how you can easily sell your service / solution to anyone. In fact I’ve said before that there are 3 starter rules to being a great salesman.

Instead of just giving you something to read (and not do anything) I put it in a video, so if you really want to be better you’ll have to commit the 4:05 minutes to watch it.

Watch it here.


P.S. If you’re looking for something to read, here’s a post about how to convince anyone

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11 responses to “How to Sell Anything

  1. jimmy Reply

    I like the verbal judo acronym LEAPS. It’s an active listening guide.

    L – Listen to what they’re saying.
    E – Empathise (reminder: relate NOT pity) with what they said.
    A – Ask about what they said.
    P – Paraphrase what they said.
    S – Summarize what they said.

  2. Luke Ryan Reply

    I love this Noah – Its so good to have a quick 3-4 step method that you can use as a framework. Much like the AIDA method to copywriting that I’ve heard Nev refer to. I’ll be using the Listen, Relate & Transition for sure!

  3. Priscilla Reply

    Oh hey, I remember hearing this in line at Rudy’s. Funny seeing it on your website. Thanks for mentioning how my friends and I helped in these conclusions… <- how to say thank you.

    But really, thanks for talking to us in line! Your website/vlog have actually been really helpful to me.

  4. Walt W Reply

    Really like your three points. Listen Relate Transition LRT. It’s like Gym Tan Laundry GTL of sales.

    To truly listen and relate is key. If you do this you build a rapport and will have a repeat client and a referral. Someone that refers you on their own can lead to exponential growth. Of course you have to close too. Hence the transition.

    I firmly believe in only selling something to someone if you can help fix a problem. A hard sale of something someone doesn’t need is so scumbag. Glad you commented on that.

    Keep up the good vids


  5. Your Mother Reply

    Thanks for the video.

    You should really wear a helmet when you’re cycling.

    Not because you’re a bad cyclist. But because you can’t control others on the path and road.


    Your Mother

  6. Chris Reply

    Noah, I think the most important aspect of the relationship with your customers is to make them trust you. I found that after someone starts trusting you, they feel very safe using your services or products, and most importantly they become recurrent customers as they do not want to use other services providers (even though other services can be better than yours).

    What I’m saying is that it is very important to listen to your customer so that he knows that you are aware of his wants and demands and you are not like most of the companies which are only interested in profits.

  7. leslie K Reply

    Thanks for sharing this man. I have a heart to share natural health remedies, but hate the feeling like I’m trying to sell people, I just want to share! Now to find an audience that wants to share with me, so I can relate and solve their concerns.