Carnival of Marketing

There are a few blogs doing “carnivals of” something (finance, debt, etc…) which are great ways to get lots of people together on a particular topic. I noticed there wasn’t one about marketing, so guess what. I am starting the Carnival of Marketing, duh duh duh, you know the theme music comes in there. The catch is the person hosting the carnival will only post their favorite 7 from the week. No more, no less since carnivals are getting out of control with over 30 links.

How does it work?
Once a week, a different site will host a bunch of links from other sites that are talking about marketing. The topics can be case studies, interesting ideas, cool examples, things not to do, exposure for a product, etc… People can send in any new articles for the week from their websites Examples of carnivals can be found here and here.

Why should I host or submit to the carnival?
Submitting articles is a great way to get exposure to people interested in marketing. As well, hosting will draw lots of traffic to your site. Plus it is fun and you get to be a part of an online marketing community.

How can I host the carnival?
Email me at noah [at] with your website and which date you want to host the carnival

How do I submit my article for the carnival?

Email the person hosting the carnival for the relevant week with your title, link & brief blurb about what you are writing before Sunday at 5pm. Carnivals will last for 1 week starting at 7pm on Sundays.

Carnival Calendar
Date Email Website
11/13/2005 Noah at
11/20/2005 scott at Entrepreneurs @ about
11/27/2005 pcaputa at
12/4/2005 john at
12/11/2005 jens at
12/18/2005 businessorati at Ideologic LLC
12/25/2005 tim.grahl at
1/1/2006 cransom Truverse Blog
1/8/2006 nb at
1/15/2006 moneycraft at Higher-Profits
1/22/2006 scott at
1/29/2006 symbiotic at Emergence Marketing
2/5/2006 soho at Home Office Voice
2/12/2006 louis at Magic Hour
2/19/2006 mike at Simplenomics
2/26/2006 Lbodine at Law Marketing
3/5/2006 jack at Yoest
3/12/2006 doug_sorocco at Rethink IP
3/19/2006 denise at Just for Small business
3/26/2006 support at A Shareware Life
4/2/2006 zhung22 at Marketing Journal (Our first International Host, w00T!)
4/9/2006 spike at Brains on Fire
4/16/2006 devin.reams at Devin Reams
4/23/2006 bob at Fire Someone Today
4/30/2006 david at Market Ventures
5/7/2006 douglas.davidoff at The Fast Growth Blog
5/14/2006 weinreich at Spare Change
5/21/2006 eric at Marketing Monger
5/28/2006 Lbodine at Law Marketing
6/4/2006 howeswr at Planning Blog
6/11/2006 jamesbrausch at James
6/18/2006 ozguralaz at Marketallica
6/25/2006 douglas.davidoff at The Fast Growth Blog
7/2/2006 rohit.bhargava at Influential Interactive Marketing
7/9/2006 cehwiedel at Kicking over my Traces
7/16/2006 cehwiedel at Kicking over my Traces
7/23/2006 jslogan at Direct Response works
7/30/2006 miel at Cool0r
8/6/2006 seeds at Seeds of Growth
8/13/2006 seeds at Seeds of Growth
8/20/2006 howeswr at Planning Blog
8/27/2006 dberkowitz at Marketers Studio
9/3/2006 laura at 15secondpitch
9/10/2006 kevinh at
9/17/2006 forestservice at
9/24/2006 smoffitt at
10/01/2006 smoffitt at
10/08 & 10/15/2006 jhunkins at JoeDuck
10/22 & 10/29/2006 jamesbrausch at
11/5 & 11/12/2006 jim.logan at
11/19 & 11/26/2006 jlarche at Digital Solid
12/3 & 12/10/2006 realestatetomato at Real Estate Tomato
12/17/2006 jim at Bargaineering
1/7/2007 sanjay.kumar at Simplify This
1/14 & 1/21/2007 alan at Rimm Kaufman
1/28 & 2/4/2007 me at Being Peter Kim
Additional Hosting Rules:

1. Don’t submit an old post. The post needs to be from at least the past couple of weeks, and preference will be given to posts from the past week.

2. Submit posts that are actionable. Tips that people can actually apply will almost always win out over abstract stuff. “How” beats “Why”.

3. Submit posts that are complete. As a corellary to the above, posts that refer out to articles or other sites for more information, or that have anything to the effect of “Watch this space for more information” are going to be among the first to be cut.

4. Don’t submit posts that are nothing more than a pitch. It’s possible to sell subtlely within a good, actionable post (see the Joe Vitale example above). But a couple of the submissions were basically an ad for the company’s product. An occasional post like that may work in the context of your blog, but if you think it’s a good idea to submit that for a carnival, you’ve definitely got a thing or two to learn about marketing via blogs.