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Meet Adam Rifkin, The Godfather of Silicon Valley

12 commentsNovember 16, 2006

If there were a gate to Silicon Valley, Adam Rifkin is the person at the tollboth. I can’t tell you how many times people tell me, “oh do you know Adam Rifkin.” I shout yes with such pride. Adam is well connected. More importantly than that he is friggin awesome and exceptionally nice. Most people who know a lot of others, you expect to be salespeople and networkers but Adam is just an all-around good guy. I thought you would [...]

3 Tough Thursday Questions: Josh Spear

1 commentOctober 5, 2006

If you are hip with trends and cool things then you will know who Josh Spear is. Based in Colorado his full time job is spotting trends, writing them on his website and helping companies create new trends. I was able to ask him 3 questions for you.

1- How did you become interested in trends?

I think it is from my parents open upbringing and the consistency to do it. I think that anybody can start a blog about cool t-shirts. [...]

Business Startup Advice: 3 Tough Questions for Dharmesh Shah –

1 commentSeptember 28, 2006

A few months ago I sent Dharmesh’s site to Robert Scoble who linked to his site and ever since then he has been on an upward climb. Dharmesh has some really great startup and business advice and is the guru for businesses being sold on eBay. I got to ask him 3 tough questions.

1- How should young people convince their parents that its okay to do a startup over a microsoftish (secure) company?

This is a hard one as parents rarely [...]

Interview with Barry Schwartz author Paradox of Choice

10 commentsSeptember 14, 2006

I loved Paradox of Choice so much I decided to contact Barry Schwartz and hear more about choices. Here is what we talked about:

Where did you go to school?
undergrad nyu majoring in psychology and philosophy
grad penn: phd psychology : interestes in skinnearian & animal learning.

How did you choose NYU for undergrad?
nyu offered me an incredible scholarship. i wanted to go to columbia. i was irrational as possible in making that decision. was editor of highschool newspaper. i had a [...]

WDYDAD? Ramit Sethi, Entrepreneur

2 commentsJuly 14, 2006

Person: Ramit Sethi

Job: creator of and Co-founder & VP Marketing for PBwiki.

Favorite Book: Doctors by Erich Segal

I’m not really sure if I’m the best person to write this, but if Noah asks, how can I say no?

Lots of people ask me, “How many hours do you spend working/day?” I never really know how to respond because my work isn’t really like that. It’s not based on number of hours, or lines of code, or whatever. It’s based [...]

WDYDAD? Shivani Sopory, Auditor

1 commentJuly 13, 2006

Person: Shivani Sopory
Job: Auditor

I think this WDYDAD needs a little bit of an introduction just because nobody knows what I do when I tell them I’m an auditor (not even Noah whose known me for a while now :). So, what do I do? I audit financial statements. Why? Because there’s a statistic that says that 8 out of 10 spreadsheets created have errors…that’s a lot of errors, and I [...]