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Learning from a Shitty Experience

112 commentsJuly 9, 2013

Going to do this post via handwriting. #different (I didn’t have a computer available) #SadPanda

Images are below or click here to read the typed up version.

(Leave a comment about your worst travel experience. I’ll be giving out 10 Moleskin Notebooks.)

[Start here for the typed version]

Anywho, if you’ve eaten with me you know that I can be quite annoying. I am picky and I ask for substitutions with 90% of what I order. I [...]

What It’s Like to Hang with Millionaires

151 commentsJuly 2, 2013

A few weeks ago I was in Russia to speak at a conference. I spent a lot of time with a really impressive group of guys. I’ve joked in the past that I am “moderately rich”. These guys were much richer than me.

It was a fun and interesting experience and I thought I would share some of the insights I gained being around them. (Also check out what I learned on my trip to Cuba.)

1. They do not ask for [...]

How to Earn More Money: By Asking

169 commentsApril 30, 2013

A few weeks ago I was graciously invited to speak in Australia.

They offered to cover flights and hotels.

I generally don’t ask for speakers fees cause I love sharing my stories and working with people. And I have and know how to organize conferences so I know there are always more costs than expected.

…But traveling costs me time, money and I like being at home with my tacos.

Because of the coffee challenge, it encouraged me at [...]

My Travel Hacks & Free Luggage for Your Next Adventure (Part 2)

179 commentsApril 9, 2013

While I was in India, I learned a few travel hacks (and travel cheap tips) that I thought you could use when you travel in your country or others.

All I Packed for 33 days in India (thanks for the bag Lisa F!) 

1- Nice clothes. You can use this at the airport counter to ask for upgrades or do a tuxedo experience like my friend Ikrima: (via Susan Su)

2- Bring $1 bills. Assuming your currency is “more” valuable than another [...]

The Stereotypical Lost White Guy Trip to India (Part 1)

4 commentsMarch 26, 2013

The first question I got every time I told people I was going to India was:

“Is everything okay?”

I guess by default for a white person to go to India we have to:

Be facing a quarter life crisis
Read Eat Pray Love too many times and wanted to follow in her foot steps
Trying to meet the outsourcers we’ve worked with (I almost did this)

Personally, for me it was just to try out something new. I prefer to travel to places unlike my [...]

Things I Learned in Cuba

5 commentsDecember 22, 2012

Last week I secretly snuck into Cuba to celebrate a close friends 30th birthday.

It was like traveling through a time machine back to the 1950s and I was shocked how many of the locals were excited that I was from Estados Unidos (United States for those non-Spanish speakers).

I was fascinated by some things I wanted to share with y’all:

Options are good and bad. Most of the food is government controlled and they are limited with their food trade. Hence at [...]