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Learning from a Shitty Experience

Going to do this post via handwriting. #different   [Start here for the typed version] Anywho, if you’ve eaten with me you know that I can be quite annoying. I am picky and I ask for substitutions with 90% of what I order. I look at it as I’m getting what I really want. How…

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What It’s Like to Hang with Millionaires

A few weeks ago I was in Russia to speak at a conference. I spent a lot of time with a really impressive group of guys. I’ve joked in the past that I am “moderately rich”. These guys were much richer than me. It was a fun and interesting experience and I thought I would…

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How to Earn More Money: By Asking

In 2013 I was graciously invited to speak in Australia. They offered to cover flights and hotels. I generally don’t ask for speakers fees cause I love sharing my stories and working with people. And I have and know how to organize conferences so I know there are always more costs than expected. …But traveling costs…

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Things I Learned in Cuba

Last week I secretly snuck into Cuba to celebrate a close friends 30th birthday. It was like traveling through a time machine back to the 1950s and I was shocked how many of the locals were excited that I was from Estados Unidos (United States for those non-Spanish speakers). I was fascinated by some things…

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